Best Free Internet Security Suite For Windows | 2019

There are hundreds of free antivirus software around, but a free Internet security suite is a rare find.
  1. An Internet Security Suite is everything you genuinely need to secure your digital life.
  2. We extensively tested the free Internet Security Suites available in the market to come up with the best.
  3. Avira Free Security Suite topped the list, closely followed by 360 Total Security. Take a look.

5 Best Free Internet Security Suite

Antivirus vs. Internet Security Suite – An antivirus software offers the basic security essential for your Windows PC. Whereas, an Internet Security Suite not only offers protection but is enhanced by a number of other useful tools that make your digital life comfortable.

How We Tested? We evaluated each free Internet Security software for ease of use, performance and reliability on our test system running Windows 10. We then sourced the data from popular antivirus testing labs like AV-TEST, AV-Comparatives and SE Labs to come up with the top free Internet Security software list.

NOTE – Most free security suites pester you to upgrade to their paid software while some of them try getting you to install free toolbars or browser extensions. So, keep an eye out when you’re downloading and installing these antivirus applications and avoid the unwanted toolbars and extensions.

1. Avira Free Security Suite

Avira Free Security Suite

With more than 500 million users, Germany based Avira is a popular and reputable name in the PC security industry.


  • It is the first-ever free Internet Security Suite for protection, privacy and performance.
  • Independent testing labs rate them at the highest levels as some of its commercial counterparts.
  • Makes use of cutting-edge cloud technologies to provide real-time protection and on-demand scans.
  • Can detect and block ransomware before it encrypts your files.
  • Blocks malicious sites, dangerous downloads and potentially unwanted programs.
  • Alerts you about outdated software and helps you patch vulnerabilities.
  • Optimizes over 200 privacy settings in just a few clicks to safeguard your privacy.
  • Features a Password Manager that creates and remembers passwords for all your online accounts.
  • Comes with a System Speedup tool to perform basic memory, privacy and performance tweaks.
  • Simple user interface. Lots of configuration options for expert users to tinker.


  • Many components often require the pro version for full functionality.
  • Safe Shopping feature seems to have troubled some users.
  • Download, installation and scans take more time.

2. 360 Total Security

360 Total Security

360 Total Security takes the security to a whole new level, thanks to its various powerful tools.


  • It uses multiple antivirus engines, including Bitdefender and Avira. (Aren’t enabled by default. Do surely enable either Bitdefender or Avira antivirus engine from settings.)
  • Uses AI and Cloud technologies to provide real-time protection against the latest malware and ransomware variants.
  • Comes with browser protection and online shopping protection.
  • Prevents unauthorized access to your webcam.
  • Performs checks on the password and DNS security of your Wifi router.
  • The Speedup function optimizes your system services and boot up.
  • Multiple layered protection in 360 Total Security guarantees secure and peaceful digital experience.


  • Clean and Speed Up tools must be used with care.
  • It raised many false alarms.
  • Turning on all antivirus engines uses a lot of system resources and RAM.

3. Avast Free Antivirus


Avast Free is one of the most popular and fully-featured antivirus suites for your Windows PC.


  • Uses cloud and machine learning technologies to fend off viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware in real-time.
  • With hundreds of millions of users, Avast boasts of the largest threat-detection network. It achieved top-notch scores from independent testing labs.
  • Behaviour Shield keeps an eye on your installed software to make sure they don’t suddenly go rogue.
  • It ensures secure web browsing with the unique Web Shield technology.
  • Features a simple built-in password manager to handle your password woes.
  • The Wi-Fi Inspector can detect security issues in your home Wi-Fi and strangers piggybacking on your network.
  • A built-in Software Updater scans your computer and reports any out-of-date software it finds.
  • The Do Not Disturb Mode blocks distracting popups/alerts when you’re gaming or watching movies.


  • Tries to install unnecessary third-party programs, but they can be skipped during installation by choosing “Custom Installation” option.
  • You’ll have to register once each year, but again, this is free.
  • Some features will require you to have a paid subscription.
  • Frequent requests to upgrade to the paid version.

4. Comodo Free Internet Security Suite

Comodo Internet Security Free Download

It represents an all-in-one package for those who are looking for the most effective means to protect their system against potential threats.


  • Uses prevention-based security to restrict the entry of malicious programs before they could even access the computer.
  • Cloud-based behavior analysis system detects zero-day malware quickly.
  • Features an Integrated Firewall that controls which programs are allowed to access the Internet.
  • Secure Shopping feature isolates your browser inside a secure container which cannot be hacked, tracked, or viewed by others.
  • A proprietary Auto Sandbox Technology runs unknown files in an isolated environment causing no damage to your system.
  • Game Mode suppresses operations that could interfere with a user’s gaming experience such as alerts and more.
  • Parental controls allow you to restrict or block access to certain parts of the Internet.


  • Insistent pop-up prompts are annoying.
  • Quite aggressively flags files.
  • It typically takes a while to configure it properly.

5. Sophos Home

Sophos Logo

Sophos is offering their business-class security suite trusted by leading banks and governments to home users for free.


  • Repels dangerous viruses, malware and bots from affecting system performance or files.
  • Automatically block malicious websites known to contain potential threats.
  • Protects your banking and credit card information from being intercepted by third-parties and key-logger software.
  • Earned praise from a host of independent testing labs.
  • Can be installed on multiple computers and remotely monitored.
  • Has a simple and user-friendly web dashboard.
  • Parental Web Filtering allows you to filter what type of websites the kids can access.
  • Its simplicity, reliability, and versatility are more than able to meet the needs of the modern online user.


  • The antivirus requires you to have an active Internet connection and a Sophos account for accessing the dashboard.
  • Settings can only be configured online.
  • Advanced users may not like the limited set of controls.

Ever-Growing Threats!

With the ever-growing variety of threats out there, both in number and in complexity, running a comprehensive Internet security suite on any computer is mandatory.

Do you prefer just a simple antivirus or a complete security suite? Let us know in the constructive comments below.