Best Free Virus Cleaner & Removal Tools For Windows PC | 2020

There are tens of thousands of viruses on the Internet, and we get new versions of it every day.
  1. No matter how carefully one uses the computer, they are still exposed to a myriad of virus threats.
  2. People are struggling to fend off viruses as they get faster, sneakier and more dangerous.
  3. Well, we tested several free virus removal tools available on the Internet. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool topped the list.

5 Best Free Virus Cleaner & Removal Tools

How We Tested? On our test system running Windows 10, we tried the virus cleaner & removal tools on the latest strains of viruses and evaluated their effectiveness. We then obtained data from trusted sources to come up with the top free virus removal software programs.

1. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

If you suspect a virus infection, Kaspersky should be your first port of call.

Pros ▵

  • Powerful and comprehensive scan can detect all the latest virus threats.
  • Easy-to-use interface design.
  • Can work alongside other anti-virus programs.
  • Installation is quick. It can also run in the Windows Safe Mode.
  • Uses minimal system resources.

Cons ▿

  • Full system scan takes a while to finish.
  • Lacks options and settings.

2. AVG Free Virus Cleaner & Removal Tool

This virus cleaner is actually the free version of AVG Antivirus program and not a dedicated virus removal tool. But, it does a great job of searching and eliminating viruses.

Pros ▵

  • Provides real-time protection against viruses.
  • Refreshingly simple design.
  • Blocks unsafe links, downloads & email attachments.
  • Automatic virus updates.
  • Customizable settings.

Cons ▿

  • No quick scan option present.

3. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes Virus Cleaner

Malwarebytes has made quite a name for itself over the years. It comes packed with the latest technologies to tackle virus attacks.

Pros ▵

  • Is rated highly by independent testers such as West Coast Labs and Google’s VirusTotal service.
  • Makes use of behavior-based detection technologies to eliminate new virus threats.
  • Simple user interface design.
  • It is a light-weight virus removal software.
  • Can run alongside other anti-virus programs.

Cons ▿

  • Doesn’t offer real-time protection in the free version.
  • Free version comes with manual updates. No scheduled scans and malicious website blocking.

4. Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser

Norton is also a major player in the world of cybersecurity. It scores very well with the independent labs across the globe.

Pros ▵

  • Eliminates deeply embedded and difficult-to-detect viruses.
  • Clean and straightforward user interface.
  • No complex configuration settings.
  • Advanced scan options for expert users.
  • Is portable and needs no installation.

Cons ▿

  • Its aggressive detection feature may mark a legitimate program for removal.
  • The virus cleaner takes a while to complete the scans.

5. Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

It is a portable tool designed to scan for virus-infected files and disinfect a computer.

Pros ▵

  • Dual-scan engine with different scan options.
  • Fast and easy to use by just about anyone.
  • It comes with on-demand updates.
  • Has command-line option for advanced users.
  • No installation required. It can be run straight from a USB drive.

Cons ▿

  • Initial update took a long time.
  • Missed detecting some virus samples in testing.

Do Have An Antivirus Program!

The virus removal tools listed in this article can be useful as a cleanup tool for the damage already caused by viruses, but it doesn’t replace the necessity of having a full-time antivirus program with real-time protection.

At the end of virus disinfection, these virus removal programs can be deleted from the system.