2023 • The 15 Best Tips To Solve Your Phone Overheating Issue

1 in 10 smartphones suffers long-term damage due to overheating.
  1. Your phone getting warm from time to time is completely normal. It is an electronic device, after all!
  2. But, it becomes a problem when your phone heats up to the point where you cannot even hold it.
  3. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, here are some tips that can help you cool down your overheating device.

Did You Know? Did you know that the use of 5G data can cause your phone to heat up more than 4G data. This is because 5G requires more power and thus can generate more heat.

Cool Down Your Hot Phone: Simple Solutions to Prevent Your Smartphone from Overheating

1. Remove the Back Case Cover.

Remove Back Cover

Ah, the sparkly unicorn phone case. A true masterpiece, an explosion of magic and glitter, a crowd-puller! It screams ‘you’ louder than a megaphone at a silent disco. I feel you, it’s a part of your personality, a tangible piece of your love for the whimsical.

But let me paint a picture here. Imagine you’re stuck in a hot room wearing your warmest winter jacket, beads of sweat trickling down your face, every pore crying out for a breeze. Wouldn’t you want to take that jacket off faster than a cheetah on a sugar rush? That’s how your phone feels, bundled up in that fabulous unicorn case of yours when it starts radiating heat like a miniature sun.

See, the thing about those flashy plastic or rubber phone cases is that they’re like personal saunas for your phones. They trap heat, denying your phone the sweet, cooling relief of air circulation. Your phone’s insides are working overtime, heating up, and that magical unicorn case acts like a wool blanket in summer – only intensifying the heat.

Now, I’m not suggesting a permanent break-up with your unicorn case. Oh, no! That would be a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions! But giving your phone a little ‘naked time’ when it’s feeling hot might not be a bad idea. Let it free, let it breathe! Like you would enjoy some downtime in comfy pajamas after a long day in a suit, your phone too could use a little freedom from its fashionable attire.

Don’t worry about your phone’s modesty. We’ve all seen a naked phone before. It might even inspire a ‘naturist movement’ for phones worldwide. And who knows? Your overheating issue might just cool down faster than an ice cube in the Arctic. So, go ahead and let your phone feel the breeze, because sometimes, naked is better!

2. Close the Background apps.

phone over heating due to many background apps

So, fellow phone wrangler, what’s the number? How many apps did you find open, humming along, and partying in the background? More than you thought? I can almost see the astonished look on your face. But don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Picture your phone as the world’s most patient, talented juggler. A digital performer, deftly keeping all your apps – from WhatsApp to Instagram, Candy Crush to Spotify – soaring and spinning in perfect harmony. It’s a spectacular performance, worthy of a standing ovation!

But hold on, even the most skilled juggler has a limit. Try to toss him another ball, then another, then another. At some point, he’ll falter, drop a ball, maybe even start sweating under the strain. The same goes for your trusty phone. The more apps it has open, the more balls it’s juggling, and boy, does that make it break into a digital sweat. That’s when your phone starts heating up, as if it’s taken a detour through the Sahara Desert.

So, my friend, do your phone a favor. Take a moment, every so often, to close those apps you’re not using. Imagine each swipe to close as taking a ball out of your phone’s juggling routine. With fewer apps to manage, your phone’s workload will lighten up faster than a feather in a breeze. And a lighter workload means less heat. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll also save some battery, kind of like hitting two birds with one stone, minus the birds and the stone, of course!

In short, it’s a win-win situation. Your phone gets to chill, and you get more battery life for those cat videos or endless scrolling sessions. So swipe away, dear friend, swipe away!

3. Check the Signal Strength and take action.

Low signal on phone

Oh, the dreaded weak-signal area, the Bermuda Triangle of phone use. Have you ever noticed your phone heating up more than a stressed-out hedgehog in a balloon shop when you’re in one?

That’s because your device’s little processor is working its digital tail off to maintain a connection, like a desperate lover reaching out for their partner’s hand in a crowd.

See, when the mobile signal is as weak as a kitten on a treadmill, your phone’s processor has to double, even triple its effort, sort of like a desperate marathon runner in the last mile, to keep that connection alive. It’s like your phone’s antenna is yelling out into the void, “Hello, signals? Are you there?” And all that shouting heats things up.

So, what can you do? Well, you have a couple of options. You could put your phone on airplane mode, effectively telling it to chill and stop shouting for a bit. Or you could even switch it off for a while – sort of like a power nap, which we all know is just about the best thing ever.

In essence, give your phone a little TLC (tender love and care), especially in weak-signal areas, and your device – and palms – will thank you!

4. Disable Unnecessary Features and lower Screen Brightness.

Lower the brightness

Okay, let’s play a little game here, I call it ‘GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi – Not it!’. When you’re not using them, these features are like that friend who shows up uninvited and then eats all the food at your party. They consume a ton of energy and generate unnecessary heat, even when you’re not actively using them.

They’re like vampires, except instead of sucking your blood, they suck your phone’s life (a.k.a battery) and raise its temperature. If you don’t need these features on, turn them off. It’s not a game of hide-and-seek where they need to be ‘on’ all the time. Your phone will run cooler, and as a bonus, you’ll extend your battery life. Save the vampire battles for the movies, your phone has had enough!

My friend, I know you love the sun and all, but turning your screen brightness to the level of a thousand suns isn’t helping anyone, especially your phone. Sure, you might get a lovely tan from the glow (kidding), but your phone is working overtime to keep that light show going.

Just like you need a break from the sun’s harsh rays during a hot summer day, your phone’s screen also needs a break from being so bright. Lower the brightness to a comfortable level or set it to auto-brightness.

This way, you save your phone from being a full-time light house and it won’t heat up like a freshly baked pie. Bonus: your battery will last longer and your eyes might thank you, too.

5. Are the Environmental factors acting up?

phone in hot sun

Alright, listen up my sun-loving compadre. Your phone is many things – a mini-computer, a gaming device, a camera, a personal assistant – but one thing it’s decidedly not is a sunbathing beauty. Unlike those of us who relish a good tan (or sunburn for the less fortunate), your phone doesn’t quite appreciate the beauty of sun-kissed skin.

Remember, your phone is not a beach-loving lizard basking in the sun to digest a hearty insect lunch. If it were, we’d probably have a different conversation. But as it stands, those ultraviolet rays you are soaking up to get your bronze on? They’re like tiny heat-seeking missiles aimed right at your phone.

Just imagine, a chicken being cooked in an oven, slowly turning golden brown. That’s how your phone feels under direct sunlight, roasting slowly, its circuits getting cooked to a crisp. The result? Your phone turns into a miniature hand-warmer. Sounds toasty, but trust me, it’s not a good thing.

So, next time you decide to have a sun-filled day at the beach, lounging in the park, or just enjoying a cup of coffee on a sunny patio, remember your poor phone. It doesn’t share your enthusiasm for the sun. It would much rather be chilling somewhere cooler, away from those harmful rays.

Tuck it in your bag, under a towel, or in the shade. It might not get the chance to work on its tan, but it will certainly appreciate the break from the solar onslaught. Just imagine your phone, sipping on a virtual pina colada, enjoying the cool shade. Ah, paradise! So do your phone a favor and keep it cool when the sun’s out. It’ll be your best ‘shade’-y move yet!

6. Update the Phone Software and Apps.

updating phone software

Ah, software updates, the digital equivalent of taking your car in for a service. You see, these updates aren’t just about bringing you the latest emojis or a shinier user interface. No, siree! They’re also like little digital doctors, fixing bugs and patching up known issues that might have your phone running hotter than a salsa dance in a desert.

So, here’s your first mission, dear phone whisperer: Make sure your phone is all up-to-date, software-wise. It’s like giving your phone a health check-up, making sure it’s fighting fit and running the latest, greatest, and most efficient version of its system. Not to mention, the latest security fixes are a nice added bonus.

Now, moving on to those fun little programs we call apps. Have you installed something new recently? Maybe a shiny new game or a cool photo editing app? Well, as fun as they might be, sometimes one of these new additions could be the troublemaker causing your phone to heat up. It’s like that one guest at a party who doesn’t know when to stop with the tequila shots, causing a ruckus.

If you’ve noticed your phone acting like a mini radiator after installing a new app, there’s a good chance that app has a bug. And no, not the kind you squish. I’m talking about a coding issue that’s making your phone overwork. Updating the app can usually fix this problem, sort of like calling the party guest’s sober buddy to pick them up. And if the problem persists? Well, it might be time to show that app the exit door. Uninstall it and see if that helps your phone cool its jets.

Finally, have a look through your apps. Any unused or unnecessary ones lurking in there? Junk apps are like dust bunnies under your bed – they take up space, slow things down, and can contribute to overheating. Show them the door, and you’ll likely see an improvement in your phone’s temperature. Remember, a little digital housekeeping can go a long way in keeping your phone cool. So, roll up those sleeves and start updating, reviewing, and cleaning!

7. Stop overloading your phone with continuous Gaming and Streaming content.

multiple games running on android

Now, let’s talk entertainment, the high-intensity, graphics-heavy, action-packed games, and the binge-worthy, “just one more episode” videos. These are the adrenaline junkies of your phone use, always pushing your device to its limits. They’re like a constant rave party in your phone, and while it’s a blast, it also makes your phone work up quite a sweat.

You see, those AAA games you love so much? They’re demanding. They use your Android or iPhone’s central processing cores and the graphics processing unit, kind of like asking your phone to run a marathon while juggling flaming torches. It’s an impressive feat, but it also makes your device hot. Think of your phone as a rockstar giving a killer performance, but remember, even rockstars need to take a break.

Then there’s video streaming, the endless rabbit hole of “next episode” buttons. While you’re engrossed in the latest plot twist, your phone’s processor is embarking on a relentless race in the background. Streaming is like asking your phone to perform a high-wire act while reciting Shakespeare. It’s quite the workout, and all that exertion can cause your device to heat up.

In fact, anything that keeps your phone screen lit and its innards working overtime for long periods – be it an all-nighter on Candy Crush, a selfie spree, or a prolonged video call – will inevitably make it hot.

A good rule of thumb is to treat your phone like a well-deserving worker. Every few hours of intense usage, give it a 15 to 20-minute break. Let it catch its breath, grab a digital coffee, put its virtual feet up. It’s like a mini-vacation from all the heavy lifting. Not only will this give your device a chance to cool down, but it will also prolong its life. After all, even your phone deserves a lunch break!

So go ahead, enjoy your games, watch your shows, but don’t forget to let your phone take five every now and then. It’ll be back, cooler and ready for more fun, before you know it!

8. Don’t Charge Your Phone and Use it at the Same Time!

using phone while charging

Listen here, fellow digital dweller, using your phone while it’s charging is a bit like trying to wolf down a pizza while sprinting on a treadmill. You might be super hungry, or in dire need of scrolling through the latest puppy pics, but let’s face it: it’s not exactly the best situation, is it?

When you’re urging your phone to keep the party alive while it’s seeking a recharge, it’s akin to requesting a high-energy dancer to bust a move while gulping down a revitalizing smoothie. Your phone’s internal bits and bobs, just like our hypothetical dancer, need a moment to catch their breath and replenish their energy.

Remember, your phone is not a master juggler. It’s not designed to keep a multitude of balls in the air while also recharging its batteries. If you’re playing games, scrolling through social media, or even taking selfies with one hand while it’s plugged in with the other, your device is bound to heat up. And not in the good “oh, my career is really taking off” kind of way.

So, be kind to your digital pal. When it’s plugged in and charging, let it do just that. Put your phone down, take a step back, and let it enjoy its spa moment in peace. I know, I know, parting from your beloved gadget, even for a few minutes, might sound like a Herculean task, but think of it as a mini digital detox.

Your phone will refuel faster, keep its cool, and give you a silent thumbs up for the break. Plus, you might discover the forgotten joy of staring at a wall, observing a bug’s journey across your room, or, heaven forbid, engaging in some good old-fashioned human interaction!

9. Use Battery-Saving mode.

Battery Saver mode

Your phone, that beautiful shiny marvel of technology, has a secret weapon hidden up its sleeve. A certain je ne sais quoi, a hidden talent if you will. Its alter ego? The mighty Battery-Saving Mode! Much like your favorite mild-mannered reporter moonlighting as a Man of Steel, it seems unassuming, but boy, can it pull off some seriously nifty tricks.

When you activate this heroic feature, your phone, with its silicon heart of gold, springs into action. It starts making frugal choices like a thrifty aunt clipping coupons before a big grocery run. Much like Clark Kent swapping his superhero cape for a humble news reporter’s hat and glasses, your phone’s display may dim a notch or two, blending in with the civilians.

Some of your apps, those energy-hungry rascals, might be gently guided into a snooze. They’re not off the grid, just taking a little catnap. And you know what? Your phone, with these changes, starts to relax, a digital sigh of relief as it’s no longer being run ragged.

This ingenious mode, my friend, is an easy, one-tap solution to turn your pocket-sized hotplate back into a comfortably cool communication device. So next time you’re holding your phone and thinking, “Wow, this could double as a hand-warmer on a winter day,” remember its secret identity. Allow your phone to embrace its superpower and transform into the cool, calm, energy-saving superhero it was always meant to be.

And who knows, with its Battery-Saving Mode activated, your phone might just save the day (or at least the battery life) while making sure it doesn’t double up as a heating pad in your pocket! So, go on, let your phone don its metaphorical cape and see the magic happen.

10. Turn on Airplane Mode.

Airplane mode

Now, don’t be fooled by its name. Airplane Mode is not just for when you’re soaring through the skies at 30,000 feet with an in-flight snack and a movie. You see, your phone, like a hyperactive kid on a sugar rush, is continuously busy.

It’s darting around like an energetic athlete on a caffeine rush, managing Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth pairings, mobile data, chasing after updates, and juggling a multitude of tasks. And occasionally, like that athlete, it deserves a moment to catch its breath.

Activating airplane mode is like whisking your phone away on a mini vacation. Imagine it reclining on a sandy beach, tropical drink in hand, enjoying the sunset. It severs all those digital ties and takes a breather, disconnecting from all the electronic hubbub.

So, next time your phone starts feeling like a mini electric stove, why not give it a little holiday? Flip that airplane mode switch and watch as your device chills out. It could be the quick cooldown trick you need, working faster than you can say “All aboard!” or in this case, “Bon Voyage”!

Remember, your phone might not come back with a tan or tacky souvenirs, but it’ll be cooler, happier, and ready to get back into the swing of things, all without a single boarding pass. So, why not give it a whirl? Your phone might just thank you with a metaphorical postcard from “Relaxation Island”.

11. Restart Your Phone.

Restart your phone

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the age-old remedy: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” This classic trick might sound as exciting as watching paint dry, but trust me, it’s like a magic potion for your overheated phone. You see, your phone is a bit like a workaholic, always on the go, sorting through emails, running apps, processing data, and doing a zillion other things all at once. Now and then, it needs a breather, a little time-out, if you will.

Think of restarting your phone as the digital equivalent of a nap. It’s a short, refreshing break that can do wonders to rejuvenate your tired device. A simple restart shuts down all those busy little processes and gives your phone a clean slate to start from.

When your phone feels hotter than a habanero pepper, why not offer it this restorative nap? Just hold down that power button, slide to power off, and let your device take a few winks. When you turn it back on, it’ll be refreshed, recalibrated, and ready to get back to work.

So, next time your phone heats up like it’s trying out for a role in ‘Fantastic Four’ as the Human Torch, remember this age-old tech wisdom. Take a minute, restart your device, and let it cool down. It’s a quick, easy, and surprisingly effective way to tackle an overheated phone.

So go on, give your trusty device a little snooze. It’s like a spa retreat, only quicker and less expensive!

12. Has a Malware sneaked in?

malware in android

Now, this may sound like a plot twist out of a cyber-thriller movie, but sometimes an overheating phone might be harboring a sinister secret. Cue the dramatic music: it could be infected with malware. Dun-dun-duuun!

Picture this: your phone is happily going about its business, when suddenly, it’s hijacked by a piece of rogue software. This digital gremlin not only has a nasty habit of swiping your private information, but it also treats your phone’s processor like an all-you-can-eat buffet. This digital gluttony can cause your phone to heat up like a summer sidewalk.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to call in an elite team of cybersecurity experts or wear a tin-foil hat every time you use your phone. The simple solution is to arm your Android device with a trusted antivirus app, like Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. Consider it your phone’s personal bodyguard, ready to tackle any malware miscreants that try to gatecrash your digital party.

For the iPhone users out there, you might be thinking, “Pfft, we’re immune to this sort of thing.” While it’s true that iPhone’s fortress-like security makes it harder for malware to sneak in, it’s not impossible. However, don’t get complacent. Always be mindful of the apps you download, the emails you open, and the links you click.

So, next time your phone starts to heat up, take a moment to consider if it’s trying to tell you something. Is it just working too hard, or is there something more nefarious at play? Arm yourself with an antivirus, be vigilant, and keep those digital baddies at bay. After all, prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to your phone’s health!

13. Use an app to Cool Down the hot phone.

android phone cooling apps

Ah, the age of apps! We’ve got apps to tell us how many steps we’ve taken (usually not enough), how well we’ve slept (usually not well enough), and even apps to mimic the sound of bacon sizzling (just because). And yes, you guessed it, there are also apps to help your phone keep its cool. These clever little programs are like digital wellness coaches for your beloved smartphone, perpetually peering at the temperature gauge and keeping a wary eye on the CPU usage.

When your phone’s inner workings start getting as heated as a reality TV show finale, these cooling apps step in. They tap your phone on the shoulder and say, “Hey buddy, time to take a chill pill.” They can really be lifesavers when your device is turning into a pocket-sized sauna.

So, if your phone is often getting hotter than a jalapeno doing the salsa, it might be time to recruit one of these thermal management maestros. But wait! Not all cooling apps are created equal. You need to choose wisely, or you could end up with an app that’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot on a hot day!

Look for reputable developers, check the reviews, and make sure the app is compatible with your phone. With the right cooling app on your team, your phone will be saying “adios” to those spicy jalapeno moments and “hola” to a cooler, happier life. So go on, help your phone help itself – and remember, stay cool, my friend!

14. Are you charging your device properly?

third-party charger

A worn-out charging cable could be the sneaky suspect causing your phone to overheat. Try swapping it out for a new one and see if that cools things down. Still no luck? Your phone’s battery might be throwing a tantrum. A trip to a professional might be in order to get a battery replacement.

Now, I see that twinkle in your eye, thinking about saving some bucks with third-party chargers or batteries. But let me give you some free advice, my frugal friend. While these off-brand accessories might be kinder to your wallet initially, they can be like a bull in a china shop when it comes to your phone’s wellbeing. Cheap counterfeits might eventually play the villain in your smartphone’s story, causing more harm than good.

So, to keep your phone from morphing into a mini grill, give it a cool spot to recharge, use high-quality cables, and don’t skimp on the charger or battery. Your phone, and your peace of mind, are worth more than the few bucks you might save.

Remember, a cool phone is a happy phone, and a happy phone makes for a happy user! So, invest wisely and keep your phone cool as a cucumber!

15. Reset the phone to Factory Settings.

reset phone to factory settings

Imagine you’re lost in a maze. You’ve tried all the paths, retraced your steps, consulted your trusty compass, and yet, you’re still stuck. What do you do? You might need to hit the reset button and start over, right? Well, sometimes your phone finds itself in a similar pickle. It’s tried all the tricks to cool down, and yet it’s still heating up like a popcorn machine. In such cases, the ‘Factory Reset’ might be your phone’s version of a magic escape button.

Now, hold up! Before you go waltzing down the factory reset path, let me just lay down a caution sign. A factory reset is like a time machine. It whisks your phone back to a simpler time when it was fresh out of the box, before all the apps, updates, and whatnot. While it’s a potent antidote to many problems, it also wipes out your precious data. So, before you go pressing that reset button, make sure you back up all your data. Think of it as your digital safety net.

Once you’ve taken that leap and reset your phone, give it a little test run. It’s like taking a car for a spin after a tune-up. If your phone cools down and stops impersonating a hot potato, great! You can recover your data and get back to your digital life.

But if the pesky overheating persists like a stubborn mosquito on a summer night, it’s time to seek professional help. You wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, would you? So, don’t be a hero. Take your phone to the service center or your carrier. If it’s under warranty, you might just get it fixed for free or even get a brand spanking new one. So don’t sweat the overheating. There’s always a solution, even if it means calling in the experts!

Never Ever Do This!

Never put your phone in the fridge

You might sometimes be tempted to place your phone in the freezer for just a minute or two. But no! Don’t even think about it! Exposing your cell phone to extreme temperatures coupled with moisture is just a plain bad idea. Period!

Well, folks, we’ve reached the end of our hot pursuit for a cooler phone. I hope this hasn’t been too ‘heated’ a read, and your phone hasn’t morphed into a piece of volcanic lava while you were here.

With these 15 sizzling tips (pun intended), you should now be ready to fight the phone heat like a seasoned firefighter. Just keep in mind, your phone is not a wannabe barbeque grill. It deserves a chilled-out life, just like you after a long day at work.

Remember, a cooler phone is a happier phone, and a happier phone means fewer interruptions to your cat video viewing, or, you know, other important activities. No more will you have to juggle your phone like a hot potato during a long call or a gaming session!

So go forth, fellow phone user, armed with these tricks to keep your phone from going all ‘Sun Surface’ on you. Remember to share this wisdom with anyone else who’s got a phone that’s hotter than a pepper in a heatwave. After all, sharing is caring!

Until next time, stay cool and keep those phones cooler!

Did You Know?

Did you know that just like computer CPUs, smartphone processors are designed with an inbuilt protection mechanism against overheating? When the temperature of the processor climbs too high, these smart devices reduce their performance speed, a process known as “thermal throttling”. This ensures that the phone doesn’t overheat and get damaged, but it also means that your phone’s operation may noticeably slow down during this period.

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