Easy: Find Recently Or Previously Watched Videos On YouTube | 2022

Find it hard to remember the previously watched videos on YouTube? Not Anymore!
  1. Sometimes, after watching a few videos on YouTube, you might want to revisit a previously watched one.
  2. One way to do it is to search your browser history. But, going through the browser history is tiresome. It’s more like running through a maze.
  3. What if I showed you an easy way to find the recently/previously watched videos on YouTube?

YouTube Watch History

YouTube remembers the videos you’ve viewed previously and displays them in the ‘Watch History’ section of your account: https://www.youtube.com/feed/history.

youtube watch history laptop and pc

If you are using a desktop, just click on the ‘History’ in the sidebar.

previously watched videos mobile

If you are using the YouTube app on your phone, click on ‘Library’ at the bottom right corner. Then, click ‘History’ on the next screen.

The Watch History has all the videos you watched previously with the preview thumbnail and title.

The most recently watched videos are listed at the top.

Clicking on the video in the Watch History section plays the video clip again.

Note: Only those videos that you viewed when you had logged into your YouTube account will appear in the Watch History section.

Can Other YouTube Users See Your Watch History?

The simple answer is – No!

Your ‘YouTube Watch History’ is private to you.

However, someone who shares your computer/phone might be able to sneak at your previously watched videos if you forgot to sign out of your YouTube account.

So, remember to sign out of YouTube before sharing your phone or PC!

You Can Search, Clear & Disable Watch History

There is a ‘Search watch history’ feature to help you find the video you are looking for quickly.

You can delete the videos listed in the Watch History section by clicking on the ‘CLEAR ALL WATCH HISTORY’ option.

You can click on ‘PAUSE WATCH HISTORY’ to disable the Watch History feature altogether.

search, clear or disable youtube history

How To View YouTube History If Not Signed-in?

All web browsers keep a record of every webpage you visit in their ‘History’ section.

So, if you haven’t signed-in into your YouTube account, you can search for the previously watched videos in the ‘History’ section of your browser.

Type ‘youtube.com’ in the History search to list only the YouTube videos. Then, skim through those links to find the video you are looking for.

youtube history on browser

It’s Easy Now…

YouTube Watch History not only makes it easy to find videos you previously watched, but it also helps YouTube in suggesting other videos you may like.

Now, that’s a pretty useful feature, fellows! What Say?

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