5 Best Free Chrome Download Manager Extensions For Faster Downloads 2023

So, you want to speed up your downloads on Google Chrome!
  1. Google Chrome is hands down one of the best browsers available today.
  2. However, it’s built-in download manager lacks several nifty features one would like to have in a good download manager.
  3. So in this article, we share some of the best Chrome download manager extensions for you to use.

5 Best Free Chrome Download Managers

How We Tested? We evaluated the popular Download Manager extensions available on Google Chrome primarily for their speed, functionality, and performance on our test system. After a detailed trial and error process, we came up with the top free Chrome download manager extensions for you to make use of.

Note: Using third-party extensions to download certain files may be against the terms of service of some hosting websites. Only download files if you own them, have permission from the copyright holder, or it’s in the public domain.

1. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager
It is simply the best download manager Chrome extension of all.

Accelerates Downloads: Turbo Download Manager uses multi-thread downloading to accelerate downloads. This technology works by dividing a file into multiple pieces and then downloading each chunk parallelly.

Grabs Media Files: It has built-in functionality to grab audio and video from popular streaming sites. It can also assist you in downloading images from various websites.

Pause and Resume: With this free Chrome downloader extension, you can easily pause and resume your downloads. Now, never worry even if your Internet repeatedly disrupts when downloading files.

Allows Mirror Files: This function enables you to download the same file from multiple sources. As a result, the download speed increases significantly, and you get your files at the earliest.

Improved Stability: Even when your Internet connection is not stable, the Turbo Download Manager handles the file downloads well. It is reliable even on slow internet connections.


2. Free Download Manager for Google Chrome

Free Download Manager for Google Chrome
It promises to accelerate your downloads by up to 5 times!

Multi-Threading: This Chrome extension uses multi-threading technology to download your files from the Internet. That is, it splits a single file into multiple parts and downloads them all simultaneously.

Uses Maximum Bandwidth: Because the Free Download Manager for Google Chrome will use multiple threads instead of one, your downloads will happen at maximum speeds. It utilizes the entire bandwidth of your Internet connection and saves you time.

Choose the number of Threads: On the Options page, you can choose how many threads you want to use for each download. The maximum allowed is 5. This way, you will have greater control over every file you download.

All File Types: You can download all types of files without any hassles. That includes doc, pdf, zip, rar, mp3, mp4, png, jpeg, txt, and many others. The extension also works with Google Drive.

Easy Pause & Resume: We stopped and resumed the pending downloads on a number of occasions, and it did not break the connection. Certainly, the Free Download Manager for Google Chrome is recommended.


3. Thunder Download Manager

Thunder Download Manager
A super-fast download manager for Google Chrome you can use.

Open Source: Thunder Download Manager is free and open-source. So, rest assured that the download manager has no malware or any unwanted tracking codes built-into it. One can also contribute to make the extension better and add more features.

Manage Downloads: Thunder Download Manager has got all the useful features and works exceptionally well. You can create, pause, resume, stop, and clear downloads with ease.

Supports All Files: Just like other download manager Chrome extensions listed in this article, it supports downloading all kinds of files on the Google Chrome browser. You can use it without a hitch.

Grabs Media Files: Interestingly, the download manager tries to grab media files from the current tab you are browsing. For this, you can make use of the Explorer option by clicking on the extension icon in the top right corner. It allows you to quickly bulk download media files and images.

Notifies You: On completion of every download, you are intimated via a small sound notification. This makes it easy for you to know as and when a download completes. A small feature but very useful indeed.


4. Online Download Manager

Online Download Manager
It is the most complete and polished download manager extension available on Chrome today.

Powerful Downloader: Online Download Manager is a powerful extension available on Google Chrome. It combines a number of features relevant to the content download. It allows you to download all types of files from thousands of websites and manage them conveniently.

Ensures Privacy: Online Download Manager does not collect any user’s data or data from visited web pages. This should reassure privacy-conscious individuals who use the extension regularly.

Media Files Download: The extension can sniff audio, video, and images from lots of popular websites. It supports popular video streaming formats that include MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WEBM, ASF, MPG, and many others. The built-in MP3 downloader works well. Further, you can also download various documents and files from the pages you visit.

Search and Sorting: It is easy to find your downloaded files using Online Download Manager. Just start typing the file name in the search bar, and you will see the file come up instantly. Also, this download manager is a great file organizer. It automatically distributes downloaded files to the appropriate sub-folders.

Integrates Well: The feature-rich Online Download Manager integrates well with the Chrome browser via the context menus and toolbar buttons for easy access. This makes the download process much quicker and simpler. Furthermore, it supports bulk download functionality. Please note that the paid version of this extension has a lot many features in comparison to the free version.


5. DownThemAll!

DownThemAll! is a legendary download manager that has been in the service for many years now.

Download Everything: If you want to download absolutely everything on a page, it’s a fairly long and laborious process. DownThemAll! will make it easier.

Advanced: It comes with advanced ways to select what links to download and will remember your previous decisions. As a result, you can queue more downloads with just one click. Further, you can refine your downloads by fully customizable filters to get only what you really want.

Open-source and Malware-free: DownThemAll! is an open-source Chrome download manager extension. It has absolutely no adware, spyware, user tracking, or other objectionable things.

Faster: The developers assert that it can be up to 4 times faster, and while this can be a wild estimate, there is no doubt that it is very fast. The multi-part downloading feature allows the user to download the file in pieces and then combine them after downloading. This increases the download speed even when connected to slow servers.

Stable Performance: In our tests, it was pretty stable and performed without any lag. Of course, it supports the resuming of downloads too, so you can just leave DownThemAll! running whilst you’re out or away from the computer, and eventually, you’ll get all the files you want.


Pro Tip: Using Chrome Flag For Parallel Downloading

For the unfamiliar, Chrome Flags are experimental features that aren’t yet enabled by default. These flags can be used to access certain exciting features.

One such flag is – Parallel downloading.

Enabling this flag will drastically accelerate your download speeds by breaking a file into many smaller chunks and then downloading them all parallelly.

  • Just type chrome://flags in a new tab of your Chrome browser.
  • Now in the search box, type parallel downloading.
  • Next, click on the drop-down menu and choose Enabled.
  • Restart your browser to apply the changes.

This is great for users who don’t want to use third-party download manager extensions to increase their download speeds.

Did we miss any of your favorite Chrome download manager extensions? Do let us know.

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