5 Best Free Firefox Download Manager Add-ons 2023

Accelerate your downloads on Firefox with these powerful add-ons.
  1. Add-ons are small programs developed by third parties. They allow you to add more features to the Firefox browser.
  2. One such much-needed add-on for your Firefox is a Download Manager. It not only adds convenience but also makes your downloads considerably faster.
  3. In the extensive trials carried out here at Electrons, Turbo Download Manager and Download Manager (S3) take the lead. Have a look!

5 Best Free Firefox Download Managers For Faster Downloads

How We Tested? We evaluated the popular Download Manager add-ons available on Firefox mainly for their speed, functionality, and performance on our test system. After a detailed trial and error process, we came up with the top free Firefox download managers for you to make use of.

Note: Using third-party add-ons to download certain files may be against the terms of service of some hosting websites. Only download files if you own them, have permission from the copyright holder, or it’s in the public domain.

1. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

As the name suggests, Turbo Download Manager speeds up your Internet downloads quite significantly. This is because it uses multi-threaded downloading technology like the popular Internet Download Manager (IDM). This technology works by dividing a file into multiple pieces and then downloading them all simultaneously.

The add-on supports you to easily pause and resume downloads. This way, if a download gets interrupted for some reason, you needn’t start it from the beginning again.

If you’re among the people who download a lot of videos and movies from the Internet, Turbo Download Manager is perhaps the best choice for you. It supports downloads from many popular video streaming platforms with ease. It includes a built-in M3U8 parser and Live Stream downloader with AES-128 decryption support. Also, it lets you download images and other media files.

One very interesting feature of Turbo Download Manager not found in other similar add-ons is the mirror download support. You can add mirror files to the file being downloaded and increase download speeds even more.

The add-on adds a context menu entry as well. You can use it to download files directly without going through the dialog first. The Turbo Download Manager icon at the top right indicates if downloads are currently active. A click on the icon opens the add-on’s main interface, where you find all complete and running downloads.

It is a trusted download manager add-on for Firefox because it bears the “Recommended” tag. Recommended add-ons are editorially curated and meet the highest standards of security, functionality, and user experience. Firefox staff, along with community participation, selects each add-on and manually reviews them before they receive Recommended status.


2. Download Manager (S3)

Download Manager (S3)

It is a compact download manager but packs enough punch. Download Manager (S3) works by listing all recently downloaded files on a horizontal bar at the bottom of the browser, allowing easy access to various file information.

It displays download progress, time remaining, download URL, file location on disk, checksum, and more file details. You can also pause, stop, and restart individual downloads.

The entire list of links can be added to the downloader for bulk downloading. Besides, it allows you to preview image files. When the program has finished downloading, it will notify you in a new window.

Its fully customizable interface automatically disappears when not in use, giving you full control without interruption.

Also, you have complete authority of your download history. You can turn it off or change the number of items stored. The HotKey function enables you to perform tasks more quickly than by using a mouse or other input device.

One cool feature that Download Manager (S3) comes with is the integrated virus scan. It uses the VirusTotal online service to scan for potentially dangerous downloaded files. You can turn on this feature from the Virus Scan tab. You may also add exceptions not to analyze certain file types. Furthermore, it is a “Recommended” Firefox add-on.


3. DownThemAll!


DownThemAll! is one of the most advanced download managers on this list, which can download all the links or images contained in a webpage. It not only accelerates the download speed and manages the download files but also includes the ability to resume broken downloads from various web servers.

It detects downloadable links on a webpage and displays them all. You can then manually select what to download and what not to. The OneClick feature remembers your last download settings and saves you the bother of reconfiguring the extension every time.

Like other multithreaded download managers listed in this article, DownThemAll! also splits huge files into multiple parts and then downloads them all parallelly. This way, it makes full use of your Internet bandwidth and speeds up your downloads.

DownThemAll! is an open-source download manager add-on for Firefox. It has no adware, spyware, user tracking, or other unwanted stuff. It is a “Recommended” Firefox add-on. Further, it allows you to auto-rename the downloaded files.

Millions of users use DownThemAll! every day for their file downloading needs on the Internet. The add-on has excellent reviews and has actually obtained legendary status among Firefox users.


4. Multithreaded Download Manager

Best Firefox Download Manager

It is another great free download manager for the Firefox browser. It is perhaps one of the most underrated download managers, but we assure you that it has some unique features that other download managers are missing.

As the name indicates, Multithreaded Download Manager comes with a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology. This ensures that you get no bandwidth to lose and full speeds while downloading files. The add-on uses four download threads by default, but you may increase the number in the options.

The best part about this add-on is that it is open source. This means that anyone can check the source code to analyze the functionality and make sure that the add-on is free of malware.

Multithreaded Download manager adds an icon to the main Firefox toolbar when installing, which you may interact with. There are also options to pause/resume downloads or to cancel them at any time.

The options of the add-on are fairly extensive. You may change the network, interface, and other preferences to match your everyday downloading needs. There is even an option to add custom CSS snippets. Overall, a perfect download manager one can rely upon.


5. Download Accelerator and Manager

Download Accelerator and Manager

Download Accelerator & Manager is a powerful add-on for Mozilla Firefox that enables you to download big files with ease. It uses a smart and multi-threaded JavaScript engine to divide the input file into several sections and then download them all simultaneously.

You can make use of the context-menu item to add files to the download list. Alternatively, you can open the toolbar and add a desired download link in the designated area.

Download Accelerator & Manager lets you customize the settings as per your needs. The default number of threads used is 3 for now. However, you can increase the threads as per your choice. Like all other download managers listed above, the add-on provides pause and resume functionality by default.

Clicking on the add-on icon in the toolbar will show you current and completed downloads. You also get various other information like the download speed, time left, time elapsed, and others here.

The reason why this add-on counts among the top download managers for Firefox is because of the ease-of-access it offers to the users. It isn’t bloated with features that are mostly of no use to everyday users.


Speed Up!

We are always downloading a thing or the other from the Internet. A good Firefox download manager add-on will make our lives a lot easier.

Do try the add-ons mentioned above and let us know your views on them in the comments section below.

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