2024 • 15 Best Sites to Download Full Version Paid Software Free

Knowing the Secret Websites for the Full Version of the Paid Software can save you a good amount of Money.
Giveaway of the Day

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Giveaway of the Day offers you a different paid software free, every day! Visit Site » Read More »


MalwareTips is a forum where tech geeks unite to spill the beans on the latest software loot. It’s like a treasure hunt, but for software. Visit Site » Read More »


Softpedia, the behemoth of free software libraries, also moonlights as a Robin Hood, doling out premium software without the price tag. Visit Site » Read More »


Techno360, the old-timer in the software giveaway game, has been playing Santa Claus for years, minus the beard and the sleigh. Visit Site » Read More »


Tickcoupon is the underdog of software giveaway sites that will have you bookmarking it faster than you can say “freebie!” Visit Site » Read More »


SharewareOnSale acts as the internet’s generous benefactor, plucking premium software from the developers and handing it out to us common folk daily. Visit Site » Read More »


Softonic, basically the Google Earth for apps and software – you can see everything from up here! Visit Site » Read More »

List of Freeware

List of Freeware isn’t playing hard to get; it’s exactly what it promises – a treasure trove of freebies waiting to be discovered. Visit Site » Read More »


Download.io emerges as the ultimate repository for your PC, delivering a steady stream of games and software like a year-round gift-giving festival. Visit Site » Read More »

Gecko & Fly

Gecko & Fly, the quirky cousin in this list, serving up top-notch security software like a gourmet chef. Visit Site » Read More »

Free Software Foundation

The Free Software Foundation, or FSF, is on a worldwide crusade to ensure your computer remains as free as a bird. Visit Site » Read More »


BitsDuJour, the fairy godmother of software, magically turns premium programs into freebies for a day. Visit Site » Read More »


FossHub, the Fort Knox of free software downloads – if it’s here, it’s gold and it’s secure. Visit Site » Read More »


MajorGeeks is where only the crème de la crème of Windows software makes the cut, tested by geeks, for geeks. Visit Site » Read More »

Software Informer

Software Informer, your nosy neighbor who knows everything about every software out there, free or paid. Visit Site » Read More »

Did You Know? A recent study found that an alarming 78% of torrent and download sites peddle fake software teeming with adware, viruses, or malware. Therefore, opt for the select, reputable websites listed here to safely download full versions of paid software for free, completely legally.

Free and Legal: The Top Websites for Downloading Paid Software in 2024

1. Giveaway of the Day

Giveaway of the Day

Popular Among Users: Giveaway of the Day or GOTD has been the most popular website to get paid software free for 10+ years now. Every day, they provide paid licensed software that you would otherwise have to purchase.

New Software Every Day: Each full version of paid software is made available for 24 hours and must be installed the same day you download it. Once installed, the software program is yours to keep forever.

Easy to Use: The homepage of the website features multiple software giveaways. Usually, you will need to share the deal on social media or give your email address to get the download link. A Readme file with instructions for installing and activating the software is included.

Games and Mobile Apps: Besides Windows software, the website also provides games and apps for both Android and iOS platforms. You can also read short reviews and user comments on the giveaway page for each software to help you decide whether to download it or not.

2. MalwareTips


Fantastic Paid Software: The global community of individuals at the MalwareTips site assists one another by sharing all the latest paid software giveaways from various sources across the Internet.

Security Software Focus: While all kinds of paid software are listed here, the emphasis is on antivirus and other security-related software, as the website’s name suggests.

Safe and Legitimate: The forum has strict guidelines for sharing giveaways, so only the safe and most genuine giveaways are shared with the general public. The community frequently discusses topics related to security and technical support issues.

Discounts and Deals Section: The forum contains detailed instructions for quickly downloading the software as well as the license keys. There is also a “Discounts and Deals” section where one can find great deals on software.

3. Softpedia


Good Giveaways Listed: They list some of the highly useful commercial paid software on their giveaways page. The site also has bundles and great deals on paid software that would otherwise burn a hole in your pocket.

Detailed Software Reviews: You get to read detailed reviews of the software with key features, screenshots, and functionality on the downloads page. Having this information at your disposal simplifies your decision regarding the software download.

Straightforward Downloads: You are not required to sign up or give out your email address in any way. The downloads are straightforward, and getting started will take you no more than a few clicks.

Limited Giveaways: The giveaways are not posted very frequently on this site. Also, there are only a certain number of licenses available for some of the giveaways, and the winners are chosen at random.

4. Techno360


Regularly posts Software: Techno360 regularly posts valuable paid software for free on their website. At any given point in time, a wide range of software from various categories is available for download.

Hassle-free Access: The website’s user interface is straightforward, making it simple for users to navigate and look for the paid software of their choice for quick download.

Direct License Keys: The License Keys for some of the paid software are directly posted on the website with detailed instructions on using them. This makes it very simple for the user to install, activate, and begin using the software.

eBooks, Games & Mobile Apps: Not only does Techno360 post useful paid software programs, but it also features engaging eBooks, games, and a wide range of premium mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

5. Tickcoupon

Tickcoupon Giveaway

Multiple Paid Giveaways: Tickcoupon’s giveaway page has been featuring some of the best paid software for free. You have multiple active paid giveaways running at any given time.

Well Categorized Site: The giveaways are well organized into categories such as audio, Internet tools, productivity, security, utilities, and others. Furthermore, the site offers coupon codes and deals that provide a significant discount on popular software programs.

Mac OS Software: There is a section dedicated to Mac OS, so if you use a Mac, you will benefit greatly from this site.

Quick and Easy Access: It is not essential for you to create an account on Tickcoupon before downloading any paid software. However, some software providers may request your email address in order to send you activation instructions.

6. SharewareOnSale


Huge Collection of Software: There is a sizable list of expensive software available for free download on the website. Both the quick download link and basic software information are provided.

Android, iOS & Mac too: SharewareOnSale hosts paid programs for not just Windows but also for various other platforms, like Mac, Android, and iOS, for free. So, if you use a phone or a tablet, this site is ideal for you.

Smooth Downloads: You are required to provide the site with your email address and the necessary information before the download. On some giveaways, the serial number that is needed to activate the software is shown next to the download.

Interesting Software Deals: It also lists a few other interesting deals on the site that you might want to look into. Subscribe to its newsletter if you don’t want to miss out on any offers.

7. Softonic


Secure Downloads: Softonic is a globally trusted website that has been in operation for several decades. The human team behind the screens double-checks the majority of the links and all downloadable content to ensure their security!

Both Trial & Full Versions: Thousands of software programs and apps, both trial and full versions, are available on the website. You can get some of the best software for free from the site, which would otherwise cost you money.

Comprehensive Reviews: Softonic’s reviews of desktop software and mobile applications are exhaustive and include detailed pros and cons. This provides necessary information about the software before you download it.

Old Software Available: The best thing about the site is that you can still find some old software that is free and perfectly compatible with the most recent OS on your laptop.

8. List of Freeware

List of Freeware

Cool Software Downloads: This website compiles a list of some of the most interesting freeware program collections that can be found on the internet. Accessing and downloading software and apps from the site is pretty straightforward.

Updated Every day: Almost every day, the List of Freeware is updated with new freeware programs. It’s common for them to rank the available software in a given genre, making it easier for you to jump in.

Brief Software Reviews: The website provides brief summaries of each piece of free software that is listed. They are easy to read and comprehend in a short amount of time.

Variety of Online Stuff: Not only freeware, but the website also includes a list of free online services that people can use to complete various tasks in their daily lives.

9. Download.io


Full Version Games & Software: The website provides access to some of the most useful and expensive software for free. Their main draws, however, are the fantastic free games. Paid software is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Paid Mobile Apps Free: The website has sections for iOS and Android apps, too. Some extremely handy paid apps are available for free download and use.

Easy Instructions: Typically, a brief description of the giveaway software is displayed. To get access to their giveaway, you must either share it on various social media sites or wait a few hundred seconds. Some giveaways require registration on the website.

Helpful Community: Along with the website, there is a helpful community. This community is used by users to discuss giveaways and offers. 

10. Gecko & Fly

Gecko & Fly

Multiple Paid Security Software: The site, like its unique name “Gecko & Fly,” provides some of the most unique paid software for free. The main focus is on various antivirus and security programs along with their license keys.

Elaborate Reviews: On the website, you’ll find detailed reviews of a variety of software programs, along with a comprehensive list of the alternatives to those programs.

Interesting Posts: There are numerous posts on Gecko & Fly that you will find to be extremely useful. You’re free to do more digging and get a firsthand look.

Seldom Updated: The website’s lack of regular updates is its sole drawback. It would be wonderful if the site received more frequent updates.

11. Free Software Foundation

Free Software Foundation

Thousands of Software Listings: The FSF website contains thousands of free software listings that will astound you. It is a must-visit website for anyone who uses Windows, Linux, or a Mac.

Hundreds of Categories: All of the software is well organized into functional categories. Anyone can quickly navigate through and select the software program of their choice.

Good Explanations: The best part about the Free Software Foundation is the meticulous explanations provided for each piece of software listed on the site. This simplifies your decision about which software to use.

Swift Downloads: When you click the download link, you are typically redirected to the main page of each software application. It is then simple to begin the downloads. The download speed is usually adequate and is not throttled.

12. BitsDuJour


Paid Full Version Software: BitsDuJour frequently offers free software downloads that you’d normally have to buy. The software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Clutter-Free Downloads: Unlike some of the other websites on this list, you do not need to download any special installers, nor are there any ads! Simply download some fantastic free software at no cost to you.

Delivered by Email: This is one of the best things about BitsDuJour. You can sign up for their Daily Bits email and get free full versions of paid software delivered directly to your inbox. Never again will you miss a new software release!

Offers Great Discounts: The site features discounts from over 2000 software publishers, with many different discounts and giveaways. They arrange deals directly and exclusively with software publishers to bring you discounts that you won’t find anywhere else.

13. FossHub


Trusted Software Collection: There are no demos or shareware on FossHub, only safe and free software. Over the years, the site has built a reputation for itself by providing a wide range of free software.

Hassle-Free Downloads: FossHub provides direct download links, no further redirection or waiting time. There is zero bundled junkware, spyware, or advertising.

Simple & Elegant Interface: FossHub’s design is both simple and sophisticated, making it easy to use. There is only one single ad on the site. There aren’t any intrusive, deceitful, or misleading advertisements.

In-depth Reviews: On the site, you can find user ratings and well-written, in-depth software reviews. The software are updated frequently. But there isn’t much software listed right now.

14. MajorGeeks


4-Star and Above Software: MajorGeeks only lists software that have received more than four stars. This is a fantastic feature because it eliminates all of the unnecessary and unworthy software options, making it easier for you to make decisions.

No 3rd Party Wrappers: MajorGeeks does not add any third-party installers or download wrappers to the user’s downloads, so they are direct and exactly as the user intends.

Shareware & Commercial Software: Not only does the website list free software, but it also has an extensive collection of shareware and commercial software. In addition, it provides tutorials and reviews for the majority of the listed software. 

Rustic User Interface: The design of the MajorGeeks website seems a little dated. But unlike other websites, the design of this site prioritizes the placement of its software and other essential features.

15. Software Informer

Software Informer

Useful Assortment of Programs: This website has a list of some of the most useful freeware and paid software programs you would love to use. Software is easy to find and download from the site.

Get Old Version of Software: Although it’s not something you would do regularly, there will always be times when you might need to download old versions of a software. Software Informer is a great site for such old software with detailed reviews.

Must-have Software Section: On the homepage, there is a must-have Windows software section that lists some of the essential software programs that will make your life easier on a Windows PC. Give the software in this section a shot.

Tech Questions Answered: The website offers news and articles related to software and technology, as well as a forum where users can discuss software and ask for help with technical issues.

How We Tested?

We thoroughly assessed each website for its range of software offerings, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive selection.

Next, we meticulously examined the reliability of the sites, prioritizing those with a strong reputation for safe, malware-free downloads.

Additionally, we considered user-friendliness, giving preference to sites with intuitive navigation, detailed software descriptions, and straightforward download processes.

Further, the eScores provided in this article are relevant only to the article’s context of websites providing free full version software to download for Windows and Mac.

Did You Know? Did you know that the Free Software Movement, initiated by Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation in the 1980s, emerged as a reaction to growing software restrictions? Advocating for users’ rights to freely access, modify, and share software, this movement promotes a collaborative and inclusive community spirit.

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