Best Multiple File Hosting Websites To Mirror Files | 2020

It’s definitely advantageous to upload the same file to multiple file hosting sites in a click!
  1. Multiple file hosting sites make it easy to mirror files to various hosting services at once.
  2. It typically saves you both time and effort. Furthermore, you can share multiple sources for downloading the same file.
  3. In our independent evaluation of popular multiple file hosting services online, and topped the list.

5 Best Multiple File Hosting Sites Online

Why Multi File Hosting Sites?

  • These days, uploading files to just one host is no guarantee that the files stay available for a long time.
  • Using a Multi File Hosting Website, you only have to upload the file once, and it’s automatically redistributed to several hosting services.
  • You will have redundant file backups. So, if one site goes down, you still have access to your files on other websites.
  • File sharing is made easy as the downloaders of your files have more choice to download from their preferred hosting site.

How We Tested? We primarily looked at how well you can share files, maximum file size and bandwidth. Further, ease of use, reliability and legitimacy of the multi file hosting service were also considered.

1. MultiFileMirror

Multi File Mirror Site
  • Is remarkably easy to use.
  • Supports many popular file hosting sites.
  • Scans your uploaded files for viruses.
  • File upload size limits are high.
  • Remote Upload feature allows you to upload files from a URL directly.
  • Comes with the advanced URL Leech feature.
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2. Mirrored

  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to upload.
  • It has support to over 40 different file hosting sites.
  • Has Remote URL Upload feature.
  • You can add multiple files and select multiple file hosting services in the interface.
  • Additionally, it allows to password protect your files.
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3. UploadMagnet

Upload Magnet
  • Provides only the best and reputable file sharing sites.
  • There are absolutely no file size limits.
  • Files are mirrored at maximum speeds without delays.
  • Provides live statistics about your mirrored files.
  • FTP support with Remote Upload feature.
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4. MirrorAce

Mirror Ace
  • Has huge file upload size limits.
  • Supports 60+ file hosting sites.
  • Support for embedding videos on your site with multiple player options.
  • Interestingly, it has an option for URL monetization.
  • Provides advanced file download statistics.
  • You can upload files directly from remote URLs. File Leech feature present.
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5. Multiup

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Makes uploading and sharing files easier and quicker.
  • Supports many file hosting services.
  • Comes with URL and Torrent upload options.
  • Saves your effective bandwidth.
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Some More..

Go4up – Intuitive user interface. Good upload speeds. Supports more hosting sites.

!EmbedUpload – It is easy to use. Has less hosting options.

What’s Your Favorite Multi File Hosting Website?

Or do you prefer to use just the regular file-hosting sites? Let us know in the comments.

NOTE: All the websites mentioned above were working at the time of writing this article. However, with the volatile nature of their services and different hosting sites changing their code frequently, they may not work as expected at all times.

Further, some of these sites can be blocked by your ISP. If one is not working, try the other.