Top 3 • Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android (Handpicked)

Android devices made up 97% of Mobile malware infections Last year! | 2024

Handpicked Apps, where only the Top 3 make the Cut!

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus offers cloud-based scanning for minimal device impact, combining robust malware protection with ease of use for Android users. Download▾

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Bitdefender Photon ▸ Optimizes performance without sacrificing system resources by customizing the antivirus program to your device’s unique hardware and software configuration.

Global Protective Network ▸ Performs extensive cloud scanning to protect your device’s speed and performance while guaranteeing the privacy of your files.

Vulnerability Assessment ▸ Identifies and fixes security flaws and vulnerabilities on your device with a single click, acting as akin to a security audit.

Network Threat Prevention ▸ Identifies questionable network activity and defends your device from sophisticated cyberthreats. It works as an advanced security system.

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection ▸ Using many layers of security, provides strong defense mechanisms to shield your files from ransomware attacks.

Rescue Environment ▸ This feature starts the machine in a safe mode and removes advanced malware, including rootkits, allowing for a complete cleaning and restoration.

Anti-Phishing & Anti-Fraud ▸ Offers proactive defense against fraud and scams on the internet, particularly whether purchasing, banking, or browsing.

Bitdefender VPN ▸ Protects your online presence from possible eavesdroppers and encrypts your internet traffic, improving your online privacy.

Safe Online Banking ▸ Secures your financial transactions through Safepay, a dedicated browser designed to protect your banking and shopping activities.

Autopilot ▸ Improves your overall security posture without being obtrusive by acting as a wise security advisor and providing tailored suggestions depending on your usage habits and security requirements.

Game, Movie & Work Profiles ▸ These profiles recognize your preferred mode of activity—gaming, work, or viewing movies—and modify the settings to ensure a seamless experience.

Battery Mode ▸ Especially helpful for mobile devices, this mode extends the life of your device’s battery by intelligently altering system settings including display, cooling, and communication.

Avira Security Antivirus

Avira Security Antivirus features a comprehensive security suite with real-time malware protection, a free VPN, and tools for privacy and data protection on Android devices. Download▾

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Cloud-Based Threat Detection ▸ Visualize a cloud-based superhero squad that is always keeping an eye out for potential dangers. By connecting your gadget to a worldwide detection system, Avira makes sure that malware is fought off on its servers, far from your precious device, maintaining its speed and light weight.

Comprehensive Web Protection ▸ Avira watches out for harmful stuff on the internet, such as spam, malware, and phishing, and it functions as a watchful lifeguard to make sure you may browse the online safely and worry-free.

Email Safety Net ▸ To make sure nothing dangerous gets through, picture Avira as a careful postmaster who checks every email that enters or exits your device. Avira also scans attachments for viruses.

VPN for Private Browsing ▸ Avira comes with a VPN function that lets you safely and anonymously browse the internet. It’s similar to hiding your activity online like an invisibility cloak.

Identity Protection ▸ Avira guards your identity in addition to stopping malware. Avira monitors if any of your accounts or email addresses have been compromised in order to protect your online identity.

Privacy Advisor ▸ This tool allows you to see exactly which apps are requesting access to private information, much like a smartphone transparency report, enabling you to make well-informed privacy decisions.

App Lock ▸ Avira provides an App Lock feature that lets you PIN guard your most sensitive programs, such as financial and messaging apps, to keep prying eyes out. This is useful for those apps that you want to keep especially secure.

Enhanced Camera and Microphone Protection ▸ Unauthorized access to your device’s camera and microphone can be a serious problem in the modern world. You can manage which apps have access to these components with Avira, protecting your images and conversations.

Find Your Phone ▸ Avira’s phone locator tracker functions as a digital detective to assist you in tracking down and retrieving your lost or stolen device.

Optimization Tools ▸ Using Avira is similar to giving your gadget a personal trainer. Together, the System Optimizer and Open Optimizer clear out the memory and storage on your device, resulting in faster and more efficient system operation and continued device health.

Malwarebytes Mobile Security

Malwarebytes Mobile Security prioritizes aggressive malware detection and privacy protection with a lightweight design, ensuring Android devices stay fast and secure without unnecessary frills. Download▾

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Easy to Use ▸ Using Malwarebytes is similar to navigating your favorite program. You don’t need a handbook to access all of its capabilities because of its straightforward layout. It’s not only for techies—it’s for everyone!

Minimal Impact on Battery ▸ Malwarebytes does not cause your battery to drain as some security programs do. It functions similarly to a thin backpack, protecting your gadget without adding bulk, so your phone lasts longer on a charge.

Strong Malware Protection ▸ Malwarebytes Mobile Security protects your Android smartphone from malicious software in a manner akin to a superhero shield against villains. It’s similar to having a digital bodyguard that searches for and eliminates any app that tries to compromise the functionality of your phone or steal personal data.

Efficient Scans ▸ Visualize your phone passing through an extremely quick security check. That’s precisely what Malwarebytes does, swiftly checking your files and apps to make sure they’re secure. This implies that there won’t be any more irritating lags when you play games or text buddies.

Privacy Auditor for Apps ▸ Ever wonder which apps are accessing your personal information? Malwarebytes functions as an investigator, revealing which applications possess access to your messages, contacts, and other private data, assisting you in maintaining the privacy of your private information!

Safer Browsing Experience ▸ It’s similar to having a guide alert you to potentially harmful websites. Malwarebytes protects you from websites that can steal your personal information or install dangerous software on your device when you browse the internet.

Phishing Scam Protection ▸ Scammers utilize phony websites to “phish” for your personal information, just like a fisherman uses bait to capture fish. Malwarebytes Mobile Security protects your private data from hackers by avoiding these dangerous hooks, much like a wise fish.

Ransomware Shield ▸ Ransomware encrypts your data and requests money in order to release it. Malwarebytes works as a loyal companion to protect your papers, movies, and pictures safe by stopping these online kidnappers from accessing your phone.

24/7 Real-Time Protection ▸ Malwarebytes continuously monitors your device, day and night. Silently operating in the background, our real-time protection is prepared to take immediate action in the event that a danger is identified.

Regular Updates ▸ Malwarebytes keeps its security database up to date in order to stay one step ahead of the criminals. Consider it as a never-ending process of learning new techniques for self-defense to keep your Android device safe from the newest threats.

Excellent Customer Support ▸ Malwarebytes has a staff on hand to help if you ever need it. It’s similar to having a mobile security professional friend that is always there to answer your concerns and help you with any issues you may run into.

Did You Know? One of the earliest pieces of Android malware discovered was the “FakePlayer” app in August 2010, which sent SMS messages to premium-rate numbers without the user’s consent.

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