2023 • The Best Software to Speed Up Your Laptop or PC

Get your computer running like New again: These all-in-one PC utilities will help!
  1. The way Windows handles itself is far from perfect. It starts getting a little sluggish and performs poorly as the days pass.
  2. This decline may be due to the clutter getting out of control, invalid registry entries, fragmented files, incorrect system settings, or a combination of all these.
  3. Therefore, we dove headfirst into the world of free PC and Laptop speed-boosters, sifting through the vast online ocean of software claiming to be the best. Our mission? To find those gems that truly deliver a fast, supercharged PC experience!

Did You Know? Did you know that your computer could be hosting a secret party behind the scenes? Many applications love to run in the background, even when you’re not using them, gobbling up precious system resources like an insatiable monster. This sneaky behavior can lead to a sluggish computer that leaves you drumming your fingers in frustration.

Say goodbye to Lag: The Top Free Software to Speed Up Windows Laptop and PC in 2023

How We Tested? We evaluated each free PC speed up software for its optimizing capability, features, performance, and ease-of-use on our test system running Windows 10, using a metric we call eScore. After an elaborate review process, we came up with this top system speedup software list for you to download.

OS Compatibility – Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

1. IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

Advanced SystemCare Free
eScore 84 Percent
Discover the magic of Advanced SystemCare Free, your all-in-one PC optimization genie, ready to turbocharge your computer with a noticeable speed boost!

AI-Powered: IObit Advanced SystemCare‘s new AI mode crafts a tailor-made strategy just for your PC. The best part? It continuously learns from your optimization habits and your computer’s performance, adapting as you go.

1-Click Optimization: Bid farewell to complexity with the user-friendly 1-Click approach that lets you scan, clean, repair, and optimize your Windows PC and laptop in a snap. So no more fumbling around with confusing settings. Diagnose, optimize, and maximize your Internet speed with just a click.

Swift Startup: Take control of your startup process by disabling unwanted programs right off the bat. The Turbo Boost feature has your back, deactivating needless processes and freeing up precious RAM for a smoother experience. Additionally, keep your essential applications up-to-date with the user-friendly Software Updater.

Packed Toolbox: The Toolbox, brimming with handy utilities, is designed to optimize a broad range of system operations. Access the tools you never knew you needed, right at your fingertips. The enhanced privacy sweep feature diligently erases all digital footprints, leaving no traces behind from installed programs.

Install Wisely: A word of caution – some tools listed are shortcuts to separate applications and not built-in. While installing the software, you may encounter attempts to include unwanted programs, but you can easily decline them.


2. CCleaner

eScore 84 Percent
Experience the power of CCleaner, the trusted and reliable system accelerator, packed with a multitude of exceptional features to elevate your PC’s performance.

Deep Cleaning: CCleaner is a remarkable optimization tool designed to analyze, fix, and tune your PC’s performance with just a few clicks. Its powerful deep cleaning technology digs into the depths of your system, eliminating all those unwanted files that have been dragging your computer down.

Boosted Performance: Imagine the feeling of taking complete control over your PC’s resources! With CCleaner, you can decide which applications get to use your system’s resources, making your laptop or PC incredibly responsive and faster than ever. No more waiting for applications to load or files to open—this tool will make your computer feel like new again.

Beginner-friendly: Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy! CCleaner’s delightfully simple interface is designed with user in mind. It’s so easy to use that anyone can optimize their computer’s performance right away. Plus, it keeps your digital life private by wiping away traces of your browsing activity, safeguarding your privacy from prying eyes.

Restore Assurance: CCleaner takes extra care to ensure your system’s safety. Before making any changes to the system registry, a backup file is created, so you can always revert to a previous state if necessary. Now that’s peace of mind!

Bundling Caution: A word of caution, be vigilant during the installation process as the installer might bundle free unwanted software. But don’t worry, you have the option to decline it. CCleaner has earned its reputation as a reliable program with a conservative approach, delivering outstanding results even after being used thousands of times.


3. Glary Utilities

Windows Speed Up Software
eScore 81 Percent
Glary Utilities continues to dazzle users with its unparalleled assortment of system-maintenance tools, leaving other free alternatives in the back!

Effortless Tuning: Glary Utilities‘ 1-Click Maintenance is an incredible function that allows you to run all the optimization tools in one go, saving you time and effort. Consider the convenience of simply clicking a button and watching your computer’s speed and efficiency soar.

Comprehensive Cleanup: Imagine a program that not only cleans your Windows registry but also eliminates all those pesky junk files and recovers valuable disk space. That’s right, Glary Utilities does it all! And it doesn’t stop there. This amazing software optimizes your system memory and manages startup programs like a pro, ensuring that your computer runs smoothly and efficiently.

Privacy Guardian: Glary Utilities also features a powerful Process Manager that keeps a watchful eye on any malicious programs running on your PC, keeping you safe and secure. And when it comes to safeguarding your personal information, you can trust Glary Utilities to erase all privacy tracks on Windows, ensuring your data remains private and protected.

Update Manager: Worried about missing important software updates? Fret not! Glary Utilities has got you covered with its automatic update checker. And if you ever need to remove a program, the built-in uninstaller manager makes it a breeze.

User-Oriented: Designed with you in mind, Glary Utilities caters to both beginners and experienced PC users alike. But keep in mind that during installation, you might encounter an attempt to install unwanted software. Don’t worry, just skip that step and continue with the setup.


4. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex
eScore 80 Percent
Unleash your system’s true power with an array of performance-boosting tools from Razer Cortex.

Speed Booster: Razer Cortex is the ultimate solution and the best software to speed up your laptop, giving your computing experience a much-needed boost. This utility works its magic by optimizing your system’s performance, ensuring you can enjoy higher frame rates without the need for hardware upgrades. It does so by intelligently shutting down unnecessary processes and applications that could be slowing you down.

Sleek Design: The moment you launch Razer Cortex, you’ll be greeted with a sleek, stylish, and intuitive interface. Regardless of your experience with similar applications, you’ll find it incredibly easy to navigate through the various features. The welcome page thoughtfully displays the games you’re currently playing or those you’re excited to dive into at top performance.

CPU Core Prioritization: The Razer Cortex comes with innovative CPU core technology that makes a significant difference in your gaming experience. This feature stops non-essential processes, allowing your CPU to allocate resources efficiently and maximize your game’s FPS. The non-gaming processes will be confined to a single core, while the remaining cores focus entirely on delivering the ultimate gaming performance.

Advanced Customization: Razer Cortex comes with recommendations straight from optimization specialists and is designed to speed up most users’ systems right out-of-the-box. But if you’re an advanced user who loves to tinker, you’ll appreciate the expert tweak controls that let you fine-tune your boost settings down to an incredibly granular level.

Game Caster & Deals: With just a push of a key, you can start recording or streaming your gameplay without any impact on your frame rate. But that’s not all! Razer Cortex also features a game price comparison engine that monitors price drops across 15+ supported platforms. This means you’ll always be in the know when it comes to the best game deals.


5. Ashampoo WinOptimizer Free

Ashampoo Windows Optimizer Free
eScore 77 Percent
Turbocharge your PC with a feature-packed WinOptimizer utility that ensures peak performance and faster system speed.

Optimization Powerhouse: Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a fantastic free software to make your computer run faster, offering system optimization and privacy protection specifically for Windows users like you. It comes packed with a wide range of features that’ll make your computer run smoother and more securely.

PC at a Glance: This feature enables you to see what is really going on with your computer. If the health parameters of your hard disks change, you will be notified immediately before anything bad happens. If you’ve ever wanted to know how much memory your files use, what hardware components make up your PC, or which processes are running in the background, now’s your chance!

Registry Optimizer: Imagine experiencing a noticeable boost in your computer’s stability and performance — that’s exactly what this software’s Windows registry optimization feature can do for you! The innovative Defrag tool is designed to work seamlessly in the background, ensuring your hard drive stays organized and efficient without impacting your daily tasks.

File Recovery: Worried about accidentally deleting important files? This software has your back! Not only can it securely delete files when you want them gone for good, but it can also recover those precious files you may have accidentally removed.

Privacy Protector: Say goodbye to annoying Internet traces and invalid shortcuts, as this tool easily sweeps them away. Handle hidden ADS streams and set up energy-saving plans to keep your computer running efficiently. Limit user rights to enhance security, manage shared resources, uninstall applications with ease, and configure right-click menus.


6. Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365
eScore 76 Percent
The effortlessly efficient Wise Care 365 boosts your PC’s performance with a user-friendly touch!

Maintenance Marvel: Wise Care 365 is an incredible software that combines the power of both Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner, offering you the ultimate solution to maintain your computer in perfect condition. But wait, there’s more! Wise Care 365 isn’t just about these two essential utilities. It’s packed with a whole array of exciting features that you’ll find very convenient as you start to use it.

PC Doctor: The PC Checkup feature is like having a personal doctor for your computer. It examines the overall health and performance of your PC, giving it a health grade so you know exactly how it’s doing. And if there’s room for improvement, don’t worry! It offers quick-fix solutions that will have your computer running at its best in no time.

Clutter Remover: The System Cleaner element is your go-to tool for giving your computer a thorough spring cleaning. It scans for and removes invalid registry entries, unnecessary files, browser junk, and outdated Windows components. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a cleaner, more efficient PC!

System Tuneup: The remarkable System Tuneup feature is like a personal trainer for your computer, optimizing your system and network, defragmenting your disk and registry, and managing startup items, services, and context menus.

Straightforward to Use: This top free PC speed-up software has been designed to ensure a hassle-free experience that makes maintaining your computer a breeze. You’ll be delighted to know that Wise Care 365 has a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it perfect for users of all levels of expertise.


7. The PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier
eScore 74 Percent
PC Decrapifier is the ultimate Windows sidekick that effortlessly eliminates pesky, unwanted programs cluttering your PC!

Streamlined Cleaning: The PC Decrapifier offers a helpful wizard to guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience. No more fumbling around trying to figure out complicated interfaces – just follow the simple steps, and you’re on your way to a cleaner, more efficient computer.

Easy Deletion: PC Decrapifier boasts an extensive list of supported software solutions. So, whether you’ve got a bunch of pre-installed apps or accidentally downloaded something you don’t need, this powerful tool will help you remove them without breaking a sweat.

Reversion Option: We all realize that our system’s security may be a source of concern. For our peace of mind, PC Decrapifier takes extra precautions. Before diving into the removal process, it automatically creates a restore point. If anything goes wrong or your system becomes unstable, you can effortlessly revert to the previous state. No more worrying about irreversible damage—you’re always covered!

Intuitive Software: Now, you might be wondering if PC Decrapifier is suitable for you. The answer is a resounding yes! Thanks to its wizard-like approach, users of all experience levels can navigate the software with ease. Don’t be intimidated by complex jargon or confusing layouts as PC Decrapifier makes everything simple and easy to understand.

Portable Tool: And as if all these fantastic features weren’t enough, the PC Decrapifier offers even more convenience. There’s no need to install the software, and you can run it with administrative rights to avoid those pesky permission errors.


8. Auslogics BoostSpeed Free

Auslogics Boost Speed PC
eScore 73 Percent
BoostSpeed is an impressive suite of tools to improve your system’s overall speed and performance, along with protecting your privacy.

BoostSpeed Magic: Auslogics BoostSpeed not only performs a thorough checkup of your entire system to locate pesky junk files and annoying speed-reducing issues, but it also provides extensive PC cleanup and optimization with just a single click of a button.

Registry Refresh: Now, you might be wondering about those corrupt keys and invalid entries lurking within the dark corners of your Windows registry. Worry not! Auslogics BoostSpeed expertly eliminates them, leaving your system running more smoothly than ever before.

Internet Boost: Auslogics BoostSpeed intelligently adjusts your Internet connection settings, allowing you to enjoy smooth browsing and lightning-fast downloads. And that’s not all, it even comes equipped with handy privacy tools designed to erase any traces of your activities, ensuring your personal data stays safe and secure.

Task Efficiency: One of the standout features of this fantastic PC speed up software for Windows is its automatic memory and processor management. It ensures that your active applications receive the maximum resources they need to perform at their best, making multitasking a breeze.

Limited Access: It’s essential to mention that the interface might seem a bit overwhelming with lots of information. Also, keep in mind that some features are limited in the free version. While installing, be cautious of unwanted third-party software sneaking in. Simply choose the “Custom” installation option to skip them.


9. Puran Utilities

Puran Utilities
eScore 71 Percent
With Puran Utilities, it’s like having an entire pit crew dedicated to making sure your computer runs like a well-oiled machine.

Well-Stocked Toolbox: Puran Utilities is a well-stocked toolbox of performance-enhancing applications for your Windows computer. The array of tools available is impressive, covering a wide range of optimization areas. It features a disk checker, a program uninstaller, and a robust startup manager. Additionally, it includes a competent service manager, a disk cleaner, a shortcut fixer, a meticulous registry cleaner and more.

Navigation Ease: You don’t have to be a tech wizard to get the most out of Puran Utilities. The creators of this handy suite have crafted a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, where you can easily access all of its robust tools. The main screen is set up in such a way that even if you’re a newbie to the world of system maintenance, you’ll find navigating around a breeze.

Silent Operator: One aspect of Puran Utilities that we absolutely love is its unobtrusive nature. Despite its extensive functionality, Puran Utilities remains light as a feather on your system. It’s like a ninja, no background services or processes, leaving no footprint when not in action. Your computer won’t even realize it’s there!

Cleanup Champions: Two standout components within this suite that deserve a special mention are the Maintenance Wizard and the Batch Fix. They combine the powers of the various tools, carrying out a thorough cleanup and optimization of your computer swiftly and proficiently. Particularly, the Batch Fix module does the work of several housekeepers, automating the cleanup process by running multiple tools one after the other, ensuring your system remains spick and span.

Undo Option: We all know how unpredictable technology can be, don’t we? That’s why Puran Utilities includes a handy option to create a system restore point. Think of it as a time machine. If anything goes wrong, you can return your system to the state it was in before the changes. While you might find some tools within Puran Utilities a tad simplistic or basic, trust us when we say, they do their job and they do it well.


10. PrivaZer

eScore 70 Percent
Use PrivaZer to perform irreversible cleanups with smart overwriting techniques and reclaim your valuable disk space.

Untraceable Wiping: PrivaZer is a proficient privacy tool that doesn’t just delete your digital footprints, but also removes them entirely, employing secure deletion methods that leave no chance of recovery. It does so effortlessly, leaving you with a clean, untraceable digital slate.

Efficient Space Reclaim: You’d be surprised at the amount of unused and redundant files that accumulate on your hard drive over time. PrivaZer diligently sifts through your system, identifying and eliminating unnecessary files like Windows history, temporary files, log files, and even the contents of your Recycle Bin. Before you know it, you’ll see gigabytes of space magically reappear, ready for you to fill with what truly matters.

Smart Overwriting: What’s unique about PrivaZer is its intelligence in understanding the type of storage device you’re using. Be it a magnetic disk or an SSD, PrivaZer adjusts its erasure algorithms accordingly to ensure the most effective clean-up. The tool extends its cleaning prowess to your external storage devices, such as USB drives and external hard drives, wiping them clean of any residual data and preventing anyone from uncovering your past activities.

Scheduled Cleaning: PrivaZer provides you with flexible options, allowing you to schedule regular scans and clean-ups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. So, whether you’re wrapping up a day’s work or are about to start a new week, you can set PrivaZer to clean up automatically, and even instruct it to power off or restart your machine once the job is done.

Disk Scanning: Remember, the initial scan might take a little longer than usual, around 20-40 minutes, depending on the size of your disks and the number of traces found. Furthermore, PrivaZer creates automatic registry backups, safely stored in a dedicated subdirectory. This ensures that you can restore your system to its previous state if needed.


Nobody Likes a Slow PC!

These free system speedup tools for Windows are impressive and worth considering if you’re starting to experience system slowdown.

If the above software fails in boosting your system performance, perhaps it is time to upgrade your computer. Add more RAM, upgrade the graphic card, or migrate to an SSD hard disk.

What are your views about slowing Windows PC? How do you usually tackle this issue? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Windows 95 was the first version to introduce the Start menu, taskbar, and Windows Explorer? It also marked a significant shift from the MS-DOS-based architecture to the Windows NT architecture.

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