Top 3 • Best Free Antivirus Apps for iPhones (Handpicked)

Last year, iOS threats surged by over 50%! | 2024

Handpicked Apps, where only the Top 3 make the Cut!

Avast Security & Privacy

Unlock the ultimate guardian for your iPhone with Avast Security & Privacy, where cutting-edge protection meets privacy in a digital fortress, ensuring your online activities are safe and your personal memories are securely yours alone. Download▾

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Comprehensive Protection ▸ Consider Avast Security & Privacy to be your iPhone’s digital superhero. It protects against hacker attacks, viruses, and even wireless network breaches. It’s like having your own personal bodyguard for your online life—you can browse, shop, and use social media without worrying about anything.

Free VPN for Safe Browsing ▸ Avast offers a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) in addition to antivirus software. This functions as a sort of covert internet tunnel, protecting your online activity and privacy—especially when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Security Scan ▸ This capability is similar to giving your Wi-Fi connection a physical examination. It ensures that your home network is as safe as Knox’s by scanning it for vulnerabilities and unapproved access points.

Web Shield ▸ Avast actively searches the websites you visit in order to stop phishing attempts and dangerous information. Consider it your expert guide, keeping you on the straight and narrow and guiding you away from the dark corners of the internet.

Identity Protection ▸ Ever concerned that your personal information could be stolen? Avast protects your identity by notifying you in the event that your passwords or personal information is compromised online. It’s similar to having a furry friend that alerts you if someone attempts to get into your online home covertly.

Photo Vault ▸ With Avast, you can keep your pictures private and locked within a vault that only you can access. It’s akin to having a safe in your phone where your private photos are kept away from prying eyes, ensuring that your memories remain yours alone.

Call Blocker ▸ Nasty telemarketing calls? The Call Blocker feature of Avast has you covered. You may put numbers on your own blacklist to protect yourself from unsolicited calls. It functions similarly to a phone bouncer.

Device Performance Scan ▸ Avast is concerned about your device’s performance in addition to security. It provides methods to declutter and speed up your iPhone. Think of it as giving your gadget a spring cleaning to ensure smooth and quick operation.

Easy-to-Use Interface ▸ Avast’s intuitive design makes it easy to go through all of its features. You can easily safeguard your digital life even if you’re not a computer expert thanks to its user-friendly design.

Regular Updates ▸ Avast updates its features and database often to keep ahead of security risks. This implies that, similar to having an antivirus program that updates to fend off new threats, you’re safeguarded from the newest infections and frauds.

Customer Support ▸ Avast provides excellent customer service in case you have any issues or queries. Similar to having tech support on speed dial, it is comforting to know that there is a staff there to assist.

Reputation and Trust ▸ Over the course of its many years in the cybersecurity industry, Avast has established a solid reputation for dependability and credibility. It’s similar to choosing a reliable and knowledgeable guide to lead you through the online wilderness.

Avira Mobile Security

With Avira Mobile Security, transform your iPhone into a fortress against cyber threats, ensuring your data and privacy are guarded in real-time, day and night. It’s the ultimate digital companion, seamlessly blending security with simplicity. Download▾

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Real-Time Protection ▸ Avira Mobile Security provides real-time protection by continuously checking your smartphone for threats. Imagine having a guardian angel who watches over you constantly, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Free VPN ▸ Especially while using unprotected public Wi-Fi, you can rest certain that your online activity will remain private and safe with Avira’s free VPN. Think of it as a disguise that you may wear while you’re online, protecting you from prying eyes.

Network Scanner ▸ To be sure that your home internet is secure from attackers, you may use this program to scan your Wi-Fi network for vulnerabilities. You may think of it as protecting your virtual fortress from potential attackers.

Anti-Theft Tools ▸ If your iPhone ever goes missing or is stolen, you may use Avira’s anti-theft tools to find it. It’s reassuring and helpful in challenging circumstances, like having a private investigator looking for your misplaced phone.

Identity Safeguard ▸ The Identity Safeguard function serves as a first line of defense by checking to see whether your email has been compromised in any way. It’s the same as having a watchdog, warning you of potential threats before they even reach your computer.

Call Blocker ▸ If you use Avira’s call blocker, you won’t have to worry about those pesky spam calls interrupting your day. It’s like if you had a personal secretary who is well-versed on who to exclude.

Photo Cleaner ▸ With Avira’s Photo Cleaner, you can find and delete duplicate or superfluous photographs, freeing up valuable storage space on your smartphone. Like clearing out old photos to make way for new ones in your digital picture book.

Device Analyzer ▸ With Avira’s Device Analyzer, you can boost your iPhone’s performance by finding and fixing problems. Envision your gadget having its very own personal trainer who ensures it remains in peak condition.

Simple Interface ▸ The app’s user interface is straightforward and simple, with simple controls and easy-to-understand directions. No technical knowledge is necessary to utilize it, as it is designed to be easy for everyone to use.

Privacy Advisor ▸ With Avira’s Privacy Advisor, you can learn which applications pose a risk to your privacy and then decide which ones to install on your device. Imagine having a privacy counselor at your side while you navigate the app world.

Regular Updates ▸ Stay secure: Avira keeps ahead of emerging threats with frequent updates, keeping your device secure. It’s the same as making sure your digital defenses are always up-to-date so they can resist new threats.

Trusted Brand ▸ Reliable and trustworthy, Avira has been around for a long time as a cybersecurity brand. If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced guide to help you navigate the digital jungle, Avira is a great choice.

Lookout Life – Mobile Security

Elevate your iPhone’s safety with Lookout Life – Mobile Security, your digital guardian that shields against theft, breaches, and cyber threats. It’s your invisible armor, making security effortless and your digital journey worry-free. Download▾

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All-around Protection ▸ Listen If you own an iPhone, Lookout Life is like having a superhero who protects it from all internet dangers. No matter the hour, it’s on the job to keep your device secure.

Safe Wi-Fi ▸ Lookout verifies the security of your Wi-Fi network to make sure you aren’t joining any questionable networks. Think of it as a private investigator who searches your Wi-Fi for potential threats, ensuring the safety of your online transactions.

Theft Alerts ▸ Lookout will immediately take action in the event that someone attempts to steal your phone. It will send you alerts and assist you in tracking your device. It’s the same as having a loyal pet that lets out a piercing bark whenever an unknown person gets too near to your possessions.

Identity Theft Protection ▸ Lookout Life can keep an eye on your personal data and notify you if somebody is using it without your permission. Protecting your online persona in this way is like having an angel on high alert.

Breach Report ▸ You may stay informed about any compromises to the services you use by subscribing to Lookout’s breach reports. Just like when a friend gives you the heads up that a storm is on the way, you can be ready and stay safe.

Social Media Watch ▸ Looking out for your social media accounts, Lookout monitors them to make sure your personal information stays private. Imagine having an aide who watches your every move online to prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.

System Advisor ▸ Keep your iOS version up-to-date with the help of System Advisor, which scans for security vulnerabilities. It’s like if your phone had a personal health advisor who kept it in tip-top shape.

Lost Message ▸ In the event that you misplace your phone, Lookout gives you the option to show a personalized message on the lock screen. It may be easier to reclaim your smartphone if the finder returns it if you do this. Imagine if you were to attach a letter to your misplaced keys and write, “Please return to.”

Photo Backup ▸ In the event that your phone gets stolen or damaged, you won’t have to worry about losing your valuable memories because Lookout will automatically back up your images. Having an accident-proof digital photo book is like having a personal vault.

Privacy Advisor ▸ Use Lookout’s Privacy Advisor to find out which apps can access your personal data. You could think of it as a personal security advisor for your phone, offering guidance on how to safeguard your sensitive information.

Trusted Reputation ▸ Long-Standing Reputation: Lookout has been a leading name in mobile security for many years. When it comes to digital security, Lookout is like having an experienced advisor by your side.

Did You Know? Despite iOS’s strong security reputation, the ‘Pegasus’ spyware demonstrates that even the most secure devices can be compromised, with the capability to spy on every aspect of device operation.

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