2023 • Best Text-to-Speech Voice Reader Extensions for Chrome

Don’t just read the web—listen to it. Let these extensions be your personal narrators.
  1. Today, Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology has emerged as a game-changing tool. It serves as a productivity enhancer for professionals, students, and virtually anyone who consumes digital content.
  2. One of the best ways to leverage TTS is through Chrome Extensions, which offer seamless integration with your browser.
  3. This blog aims to guide you through some of the top Text-to-Speech Google Chrome Extensions that can make your digital life easier and more accessible.

Did You Know? Did you know that the earliest Text-to-Speech systems were developed in the 1950s and were incredibly basic compared to today’s advanced technology.

Voice of the Web: The Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Text-to-Speech

How We Tested? To ensure we’re giving you the most accurate and helpful information, we thoroughly tested each Text-to-Speech Chrome Extension on this list. We evaluated them based on user-friendliness, voice quality, language options, and additional features like text saving or OCR. We also took them for a spin in various scenarios—from reading long articles and academic papers to simpler tasks like reading emails. Trust us, we’ve clicked, listened, and even multitasked to bring you this comprehensive roundup!

1. Natural Reader

Natural Reader
87% eScore

Lifelike Voice: One of the standout features of Natural Reader is its incredibly lifelike voices. Utilizing advanced text-to-speech technology, this extension provides you with an array of natural-sounding voice options, making your listening experience as immersive as possible. Gone are the days of robotic, monotonous voices; with Natural Reader, it’s almost like having a personal narrator for your texts.

Customization Options: Natural Reader understands that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to consuming content. This is why it offers robust customization options, allowing you to tailor your listening experience according to your preferences. From adjusting the reading speed to customizing pitch and volume, you can personalize how the text is read to you. This level of customization enhances the user experience, making it more enjoyable and aligned with individual needs.

Multiple Language Support: Natural Reader’s appeal is global, thanks to its multilingual support. Whether you’re looking to practice a new language or need to understand content in a language other than your native tongue, Natural Reader has you covered. From Spanish and French to Japanese and Russian, the software supports a wide array of languages, thereby broadening its user base and utility.

User-Friendly Interface: If you’re not tech-savvy, diving into a new software tool can be intimidating. Natural Reader eliminates this barrier with its user-friendly interface, designed to be intuitive and straightforward. With clearly labeled buttons and straightforward menus, you can access all the features you need without having to dig through complicated settings. Even a first-timer can navigate the platform with ease, making it a fantastic option for users of all experience levels.

Freemium Model with Ample Features: The basic version of Natural Reader offers a plethora of features for free, making it accessible to everyone. However, if you’re looking for more advanced features like OCR and audio exporting, you’ll need to opt for the premium version. This tiered approach ensures that both casual users and power users find value in Natural Reader’s offerings.


2. Speechify

86% eScore

AI-Powered Voices: What sets Speechify apart from the competition is its use of AI-powered voices. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill robotic voices; these are sophisticated, natural-sounding voices that make your listening experience feel organic and comfortable. It’s an advanced leap in text-to-speech technology that makes Speechify a go-to option for quality voice output.

Clipboard Listening: Have you ever copied text and wished it could just be read aloud to you instantly? Speechify’s Clipboard Listening feature makes this possible. Once activated, the extension automatically reads any text that you copy to your clipboard. This is incredibly useful for those times when you’re skimming through articles, emails, or social media and come across chunks of text you’d prefer to listen to.

Speed Control: Let’s face it: not everyone reads—or listens—at the same speed. Speechify gets this, and that’s why it offers a speed control feature that lets you adjust the rate at which the text is read to you. Whether you’re someone who needs to slow things down to fully absorb the information, or a fast-paced multitasker who wants to get through content quickly, Speechify’s speed control has you covered.

Cross-Platform Integration: One of the most appealing features of Speechify is its ability to integrate across multiple platforms. Beyond Chrome, Speechify is available on iOS, Android, and even as a desktop application. This means you can have a seamless listening experience whether you’re switching from your laptop to your smartphone or tablet. Your text follows you, making it an ideal tool for on-the-go lifestyles.

Freemium Pricing: Speechify comes with a freemium pricing model that allows you to get started for free. The free version offers a broad set of features that satisfy basic text-to-speech needs. If you’re a power user looking to unlock advanced functionalities—like premium voices or additional language support—the premium version is worth considering.


3. Read Aloud

Read Aloud
83% eScore

Voice Variety: Read Aloud boasts a wide range of voice options, not just in terms of tone and pitch, but also in accent and language. The extension offers voices from Google, IBM, Microsoft, and more, making it an eclectic offering that appeals to a global audience. Whether you’re interested in a British accent or an American one, Read Aloud offers you the freedom to choose.

Simple to Use: Some extensions require a steep learning curve, but not Read Aloud. One of its strongest points is its simplicity and user-friendly interface. It integrates seamlessly into your browser, and its toolbar is so intuitive that even tech novices can operate it without a hitch. The minimalist design and clear functionality make it incredibly easy to turn text into speech instantly.

Sentence Highlighting: While some people may prefer to listen passively, others like to follow the text as it is read aloud. Read Aloud offers sentence highlighting, a simple yet effective feature that highlights text as it is spoken. This can help with comprehension and focus, making it a versatile option for both leisurely reading and more focused study.

Keyboard Shortcuts: If you’re someone who loves efficiency, the keyboard shortcuts feature will be a game-changer for you. Read Aloud allows you to play, pause, stop, or even skip sections of text without taking your hands off the keyboard. These shortcuts make it incredibly convenient to navigate through long articles or hefty study materials, allowing you to make the most of your time.

Open Source and Free: Unlike some of its competitors, Read Aloud is completely free and open-source. This means not only is it accessible to anyone regardless of budget, but it also has the potential for continuous improvement through community contributions. If you’re looking for a cost-effective yet powerful solution, Read Aloud is a strong contender.


4. Text Reader by Read me

Text Reader by Read me
83% eScore

Zero-Clutter Design: In a world cluttered with information and complicated user interfaces, Text Reader by Read me stands out for its clean and straightforward design. The extension’s zero-clutter interface makes it refreshingly easy to use. With just a couple of clicks, you can start listening to your text without wading through confusing menus or settings, making it a hit among users who prioritize simplicity.

High-Quality Voices: When it comes to voice quality, Text Reader does not disappoint. It offers a range of high-definition voices that deliver a crisp, clear, and pleasant listening experience. Whether you’re tuning into an article, a long email, or a scholarly paper, the quality of the voice output ensures that you stay engaged and retain the information better.

Adjustable Settings: Another highlight of Text Reader is its comprehensive but easy-to-use settings panel that lets you tweak multiple aspects of the listening experience. From adjusting the pitch and speed to choosing from different voice options, you can customize the extension to read text precisely the way you want to hear it. This flexibility makes Text Reader highly adaptable to individual preferences.

Built-in Document Support: While many text-to-speech extensions are confined to reading web content, Text Reader takes it a step further with its built-in document support. Now, you can upload PDFs, Word documents, and even PowerPoint presentations to have them read aloud to you. This additional feature makes Text Reader an invaluable tool for students and professionals alike, who often need to go through multiple types of documents.

Free to Start, Easy to Upgrade: Text Reader follows a freemium model that allows users to start off with a basic set of features for free. If you find the service useful and wish to explore more advanced functionalities, upgrading is a breeze with their straightforward pricing plans. This way, Text Reader caters to both casual readers and those who require more from their text-to-speech software.


5. Text to Speech by Hewizo

Text to Speech by Hewizo
81% eScore

Good Text-to-Speech: Perhaps the most remarkable feature of Text to Speech by Hewizo’s extension is its state-of-the-art AI text-to-speech engine. This engine doesn’t just read articles in multiple languages—it does so with a stunning level of realism. The human-like voices it employs cover more than 30 languages, making the experience immersive and highly accessible to a global audience.

Beyond Reading: It is not just another text-to-speech extension; it’s a full-featured productivity tool. In addition to reading articles aloud, it cleans up distracting ads, aggregates top news, and even allows you to save articles for later. It essentially curates a focused reading environment, letting you enjoy your articles without the usual web clutter.

Sync and Save: One of the most practical features of Text to Speech by Hewizo is its ability to sync your reading progress across multiple devices. Start reading an article on your laptop and continue from where you left off on your phone. This seamless synchronization makes it a perfect companion for busy individuals who are always on the move but want to keep their reading going.

The Podcast Experience: What sets this free extension apart is the option to use its text-to-speech service like a traditional podcast. Articles you open get automatically saved, and your reading position is synced across all your devices. The next time you log in, you can continue from where you left off, effectively turning your article collection into a personalized podcast series.

Versatility in Usage: Whether you’re using Text to Speech by Hewizo for personal reading or have broader commercial plans, this extension has you covered. From course materials and podcasts to presentations, its text-to-speech capabilities are available for a wide range of applications.


6. Pericles: Text to Speech Screen Reader

Pericles: Text to Speech Screen Reader
80% eScore

Adaptable Solution: This free text-to-speech extension allows you to listen to everything from emails and documents to websites, catering to a broad spectrum of user needs.

Seamless Playback: With Pericles, starting your listening experience is as simple as clicking an icon. Once you hit play, the tool begins reading from the top and can even adjust to your scrolling. It’s a hassle-free way to dive into your digital content, whether it’s a news article or a scientific research paper.

Custom Start Points: Sometimes you don’t want to start from the top. Pericles provides an easy solution with its Custom Start feature. All you have to do is right-click on the text where you’d like to start, and choose “read from here.” Even if Pericles is already narrating, it will smoothly transition to your specified location, making your experience truly personalized.

Selective Reading: Ever wanted to read just a particular section or paragraph? Pericles makes this possible with its Selective Reading feature. Simply highlight the specific text you want to listen to, right-click, and choose “read selection.” Pericles will focus solely on your highlighted text, offering a custom listening experience tailored to your current needs.

Your Ideal Narrator: While some text-to-speech tools offer only a limited range of voices, Pericles presents a variety of options, particularly for Mac users. This means you can find the voice that best suits your listening preferences, adding an extra layer of personalization to your digital reading experience.


7. Talkie: Text-to-speech

80% eScore

Multiple Languages & Dialects: Talkie doesn’t just limit you to a handful of default voices; it offers the ability to download new voices, languages, and dialects for free. Once installed correctly, the extension auto-detects them, giving you a rich, personalized text-to-speech experience. Whether you’re using Microsoft, Apple, or Google operating systems, Talkie is designed to be versatile and adaptable.

Easy Text Selection and Playback: Navigating Talkie is a breeze. Select the text you want to listen to on any webpage and simply click the Talkie button on your browser bar. This ease-of-use also extends to PDF files and certain special types of pages in Chrome. It’s a user-centric design that prioritizes simplicity and effectiveness.

Quick Controls: For those who love keyboard shortcuts, Talkie has you covered. Whether you are on macOS, Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS, shortcut keys make your text-to-speech experience faster and more convenient. Additionally, Talkie Premium offers the ability to read text from the clipboard in any program using special shortcut keys.

Privacy-Centric: In an age where data privacy is a growing concern, Talkie stands out for its privacy-aware features. It uses your browser’s built-in Web Speech API for text-to-speech and processes all text and speech internally. No unnecessary tracking or external services are involved, ensuring that your data remains secure.

Customization & Advanced Features: While the free version of Talkie is robust, upgrading to Talkie Premium opens doors to more personalization options. Choose your favorite voice and adjust the speed and pitch per language. The premium version also allows you to read text from the clipboard in any program, adding an extra layer of flexibility to your text-to-speech experience.


8. Slang: Text to Speech

Slang - Text to Speech
79% eScore

Select, Click, and Listen: One of the most attractive features of Slang is its simplicity. It’s incredibly easy to use; just select the text you want to hear, open the pop-up, and hit the play button. You can also right-click on the selected text and choose ‘speak’ to hear it. It’s as simple as that! For those who want a bit more control, you can adjust the volume, rate, pitch, and voice to tailor the listening experience to your liking.

Multilingual Support: Slang is not confined to just one language. The extension supports a total of 14 languages, some with multiple accents, offering 21 different voices. This makes it incredibly useful for those who are multilingual or learning a new language, as you can switch between various languages and accents effortlessly.

Dual Learning Approach: An innovative feature that sets Slang apart is its dual learning approach. As Slang reads the text, it also displays it in a pop-up window, allowing you to read along. This simultaneous reading and listening enhance comprehension, improve sight word recognition, and help in building fluency skills including proper phrasing and expression.

Boost Productivity: If you’re in a hurry or want to keep your eyes off the screen, Slang is there to help. It reads out the web page content for you, leaving your hands and eyes free for other tasks. Whether you’re doing chores, eating, or simply relaxing, Slang ensures you can multitask while still absorbing information.

Flexible Input: Not only does Slang work beautifully with website text, but it also allows you to manually type or paste text into the pop-up window to be read aloud. This adds another layer of flexibility, particularly useful for study sessions or language learning exercises where you might want to hear specific phrases or paragraphs.


Making Your Digital Life Easier

And there you have it, folks! Our round-up of the 8 best Text-to-Speech extensions for Chrome that are set to make your 2023 a whole lot easier—and yes, a bit more futuristic, too. Whether you’re a student juggling a mountain of reading assignments, a professional needing to multitask, or simply someone who wants to make the Internet more accessible, there’s a voice reader here for you.

These extensions aren’t just about converting text to audio; they’re about enhancing your overall digital experience. From Natural Reader’s impeccable OCR capabilities to Slang’s interactive reading and listening features, each extension brings something unique to the table. So go ahead, give them a spin, and find out which one speaks to you—literally!

Remember, technology is here to make our lives easier, but it’s up to us to take the first step in utilizing it to its fullest potential. So, why read when you can listen? Upgrade your browsing experience today and step into a world where your screen doesn’t just display text; it talks to you.

Thanks for tuning in, and may your digital life be evermore harmonious and hands-free!

Did You Know?

Did you know that the advances in Artificial Intelligence are leading to Text-to-Speech voices that can convey tone and emotion, making the listening experience more natural and engaging.

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