Top 3 • Best Free Video Tutorial Creators for PC (Handpicked)

Creating top-notch tutorial videos? We’ve got you covered! | 2024

Handpicked Software, where only the Top 3 make the Cut!

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a powerhouse for creating professional video tutorials with HD recording, real-time editing, and customizable scenes—all for free! Download▾

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Powerful and Free ▸ OBS Studio packs a punch with pro-level features at zero cost, so you can make killer tutorials without emptying your wallet.

Customizable Scenes ▸ Mix and match windows, images, and webcams like a pro chef, creating tutorials that are as dynamic as your imagination.

High-Quality Recording ▸ Record your screen in glorious HD, making your tutorials so sharp and professional, they’ll make people say, “Wow!”

Real-Time Editing ▸ Tweak your recordings on the fly with real-time editing, because who has time for post-production, right?

Open-Source Flexibility ▸ As an open-source gem, OBS Studio lets you customize till your heart’s content with plugins galore.

User-Friendly Interface ▸ Advanced features meet an easy-to-use interface, making OBS Studio friendly for both newbies and pros.

Efficient Encoding ▸ Balance quality and performance with efficient encoding, ensuring your recordings are smooth, even on your grandma’s old PC.

Multi-Platform Streaming ▸ Go live on YouTube and Twitch, reaching more people and basking in the glow of real-time audience interaction.

Comprehensive Audio Control ▸ Enjoy top-notch audio mixing with noise suppression and gain control, so your narration sounds crystal clear.

Frequent Updates ▸ Stay ahead with regular updates, keeping your tutorial tools fresh, reliable, and packed with new features.


ShareX is a versatile, free tool that offers seamless screen recording, instant sharing, and handy annotation features, perfect for creating top-notch tutorials. Download▾

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Versatile Capture Options ▸ ShareX lets you capture anything from full screen to tiny regions, making sure you get exactly what you need for your tutorials.

Lightweight and Fast ▸ This tool is so light and speedy, it records videos without making your PC feel like it’s stuck in quicksand.

Customizable Shortcuts ▸ Set up hotkeys to start, pause, and stop recordings in a flash, making your tutorial creation smoother than butter.

Annotation Tools ▸ Spruce up your tutorials with text, arrows, and shapes to make important info pop like a neon sign.

Instant Sharing ▸ Upload your videos to YouTube, Google Drive, or Dropbox straight from ShareX, making sharing easier than ever.

Free and Open Source ▸ Enjoy all the powerful features of ShareX for free, with no sneaky ads or hidden costs to worry about.

Advanced Task Automation ▸ Automate boring tasks with scripting, saving you time and effort for more fun stuff, like making awesome tutorials.

Screen Recording with Audio ▸ Capture both video and audio together, so your screen action and narration are always in sync.

Image Editing ▸ Use the built-in editor to create cool thumbnails or add visuals, giving your tutorials that extra wow factor.

Customizable Workflows ▸ Customize your recording process to fit your style perfectly, making ShareX your ideal tutorial sidekick.


ScreenRec offers unlimited recording time, crystal-clear HD quality, and instant sharing with cloud storage, making it the ultimate tool for creating detailed and engaging tutorials. Download▾

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No Time Limits ▸ ScreenRec lets you record forever, so you can make long, detailed tutorials without any stress.

Instant Sharing ▸ Share your recordings with a private link in just a few clicks, making it super easy to distribute your tutorials.

Crystal Clear Quality ▸ Record in HD for videos so sharp, your tutorials will look like they were made by a pro.

Cloud Storage ▸ Save your recordings automatically to the cloud, keeping them secure and easily accessible.

Lightweight and Efficient ▸ This tool is so light and efficient, your computer won’t even notice it’s there while you record.

Free and User-Friendly ▸ ScreenRec is free and easy to use, perfect for both newbies and seasoned pros.

Audio and Webcam Integration ▸ Record audio and webcam footage together, adding a personal touch to your tutorials.

Privacy and Security ▸ Enjoy encrypted cloud storage and private links, keeping your tutorials safe and for the right eyes only.

Annotation Tools ▸ Add notes, arrows, and highlights to your videos, making your tutorials clearer and more engaging.

Quick Access ▸ Use customizable hotkeys to launch ScreenRec in an instant, ready to record whenever inspiration hits.

Did You Know? Did you know that the most popular length for an online video tutorial is between 7 to 15 minutes? Long enough to educate but concise enough to retain attention!

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