Top 3 • Best Free Video Tutorial Creators for Mac (Handpicked)

Transform your video tutorials with these free gems! | 2024

Handpicked Applications, where only the Top 3 make the Cut!

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a powerhouse for creating video tutorials, offering high-quality recording, multi-source input, and seamless live streaming—all for free! Perfect for pros and beginners alike. Download▾

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Powerful Screen Recording ▸ OBS Studio captures every detail of your screen like a hawk. Your tutorials will look so sharp, they’ll make razors jealous.

Open Source and Free ▸ No need to sell your kidney! OBS Studio is free and open-source, giving you pro features without burning a hole in your pocket.

Customizable Settings ▸ Want your video in HD? No problem! Adjust the settings to your heart’s content. It’s like having a tailor for your tutorials.

Multi-Source Recording ▸ Record your screen, webcam, and microphone all at once. It’s like juggling, but way cooler and less likely to drop anything.

Scene Transitions ▸ Smoothly switch between different parts of your tutorial like a ninja. Keep your audience glued to the screen without awkward pauses.

Real-time Video and Audio Mixing ▸ Mix your audio and video in real-time. It’s like being a DJ, but for tutorials. Spin those tracks (or, you know, just adjust the levels).

Plugins and Extensions ▸ Need more features? There’s a plugin for that! Customize OBS Studio with a treasure trove of plugins to suit your every need.

Cross-Platform Compatibility ▸ Mac, Windows, Linux – OBS Studio works everywhere. It’s like a chameleon, adapting to any system you throw at it.

Live Streaming Capabilities ▸ Record and stream live! Engage with your audience in real-time, making your tutorials interactive and way more fun.

Frequent Updates ▸ The OBS team is always on it, rolling out updates and new features regularly. It’s like getting a new toy every few weeks.


Kap is a user-friendly, free screen recording tool that makes creating high-quality video tutorials a breeze, with features like GIF export and customizable shortcuts. Download▾

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User-Friendly Interface ▸ Kap’s interface is so simple, even your grandma could use it. No rocket science here, just easy, high-quality video tutorials.

Quick Setup ▸ Set up Kap in minutes. Seriously, you’ll be recording tutorials before you can say “Where’s the manual?”

Customizable Screen Capture ▸ Capture just the important bits or the whole screen. It’s like having a spotlight for your screen, highlighting all the key parts.

GIF Export ▸ Turn your recordings into GIFs. Perfect for those quick, looping snippets that are social media gold and make learning fun.

High-Quality Recording ▸ Don’t let the simplicity fool you. Kap delivers top-notch video quality, making your tutorials look pro without the hassle.

Open Source and Free ▸ Kap won’t cost you a dime. It’s free and open-source, so you get all the goodies without any hidden fees.

Lightweight Application ▸ Kap is so lightweight, it could float on air. Runs smoothly without hogging your Mac’s resources, keeping everything nice and fast.

Built-In Sharing ▸ Share your tutorials directly from Kap to YouTube and social media. No extra steps, just instant sharing bliss.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts ▸ Set your own keyboard shortcuts. Control Kap like a wizard, making the recording process quick and magical.

Frequent Updates ▸ Kap’s developers are always busy, rolling out updates and new features. It’s like getting a new version of Kap regularly, keeping it fresh and exciting.


iMovie is a free, intuitive editing tool that makes creating polished video tutorials easy with built-in templates, advanced tools, and seamless Apple device integration. Download▾

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Intuitive Interface ▸ iMovie’s interface is so easy, even your pet hamster could edit videos. Perfect for beginners wanting to create slick tutorials without breaking a sweat.

Built-In Templates ▸ Use iMovie’s templates to add a pro touch to your tutorials in no time. It’s like having a cheat code for high-quality videos.

Advanced Editing Tools ▸ Get fancy with precision cuts, transitions, and overlays. iMovie’s tools let you polish your tutorials until they shine.

Green Screen Effects ▸ Want to appear in your own tutorial like a weather reporter? iMovie’s green screen feature has got you covered. Literally.

High-Definition Support ▸ Go big or go home with 4K resolution. Your tutorials will look so good, your audience might need sunglasses.

Audio Enhancement ▸ Boost your audio with built-in effects and music. With iMovie, your tutorials will sound as good as they look.

Easy Sharing ▸ Upload your tutorials directly to YouTube, Vimeo, and more. iMovie makes sharing your genius a breeze.

Titles and Credits ▸ Add snazzy titles and credits to your tutorials. It’s like giving your content a VIP treatment.

Mobile Editing ▸ Start editing on your iPhone or iPad and finish on your Mac. iMovie lets you work wherever inspiration strikes.

Free with Mac ▸ iMovie comes pre-installed on Macs. It’s like a free gift that keeps on giving, perfect for creating high-quality tutorials without spending a dime.

Did You Know? The first video tutorial dates back to the 1980s, originally created to teach users how to operate early computer systems.

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