Top 3 • Best Free RSS Reader Apps for iPhones (Handpicked)

Your news, your way – Top free RSS readers that redefine reading on iPhone! | 2024

Handpicked Apps, where only the Top 3 make the Cut!


Inoreader transforms your device into a personalized news hub, curating content flawlessly to fit your interests—never miss what matters! Download▾

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Customized Content Streams ▸ Inoreader isn’t just about reading—it’s about curating. Imagine tailoring your news feed so well that you only see stuff that matters to you. It’s like your personal news butler!

Powerful Search Capabilities ▸ With Inoreader, dive into the depths of your feeds to pull up any article or topic you need. It’s like having a search-and-rescue team for lost articles.

Streamlined Interface ▸ The Inoreader interface is as clean as a whistle, making it a breeze to read on your iPhone. No clutter, no fuss, just your news, nice and easy.

Offline Reading ▸ Ever wanted to read the news in a cave? With Inoreader, you can save your articles to read later, even without an internet connection. Welcome to your offline news oasis.

Integration and Sharing ▸ Share your findings like wildfire across social media or park them into apps like Evernote. Inoreader is pretty much the Swiss Army knife for your digital life.

Real-time Updates ▸ With Inoreader, news updates hit your feed faster than a gossip in a small town. If it’s just happened, you’ll know about it.

Tagging System ▸ Tagging articles in Inoreader is like putting sticky notes on your fridge. Find any topic easily, no matter how stacked your feed is.

Automation via Rules ▸ Set rules in Inoreader to sort your articles automatically—think of it as having a personal assistant who loves organizing as much as you do.

Notification Alerts ▸ Customize alerts to nudge you when there’s new content in your fave feeds. It’s like having a little news fairy who keeps you informed.

Multi-platform Synchronization ▸ Start reading on your iPhone and finish on your laptop. Inoreader keeps your places synced up, so you can keep up, no matter the device.


Feedly streamlines your reading journey, bringing AI-powered insights and seamless integration into a sleek, ad-free environment. Download▾

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Curated Discovery ▸ Dive into Feedly’s “Discover” feature, where finding new content is as easy as pie. It’s like your very own news butler, serving up articles that match your tastes.

Easy Organization ▸ Organizing with Feedly is as simple as piecing together a toddler’s puzzle. Group similar sources for a clean, streamlined feed that slices through the clutter.

AI Integration ▸ Meet Leo, Feedly’s AI sidekick, who sorts through topics and trends to spotlight what really matters to you. It’s like having a tiny genius living in your app.

Collaborative Tools ▸ Sharing is caring, and with Feedly’s tools, you can keep your team or your Twitter followers in the loop directly from your feed. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Enhanced Reading Modes ▸ Flip through Feedly’s reading modes like channels on a TV. Whether it’s the no-nonsense title-only or the flashy magazine view, tune your reading to your mood.

Save for Later ▸ Tap to bookmark and stash articles for later in Feedly’s digital hideaway. It’s your secret drawer for cool finds you don’t have time to read now.

Seamless Integration ▸ Connect Feedly to over 500 apps like a digital superconnector. Automate your day, sync with your tools, and turn productivity up to eleven.

Advanced Search Filters ▸ Use Feedly’s search filters to dive deep—perfect for when you need to really nerd out on specifics. It’s like having a research librarian in your pocket.

No Ads Experience ▸ Read without interruption. Feedly keeps it clean—no ads, just pure content. It’s like having an ad blocker on steroids.

Offline Accessibility ▸ Going off the grid? No problem. Feedly lets you access your saved articles offline, so you can keep reading on subways, planes, and mountaintops.


Feeder keeps you instantly updated with real-time notifications and a user-friendly interface, making news reading effortlessly efficient. Download▾

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Instant Notifications ▸ With Feeder’s real-time alerts, you’ll know the moment your favorite sites update. It’s like having a news radar that never sleeps!

Simplified Reading List ▸ Feeder keeps it simple with a no-nonsense list view that puts the spotlight on content, not fluff. It’s all killer, no filler!

Flexible Sorting Options ▸ Sort your feeds by the latest, oldest, or what’s hottest. Feeder gives you the reins to prioritize your digital reading stack just the way you like it.

User-Friendly Interface ▸ Feeder’s interface is so clean and minimalistic, you might just forget it’s there. It’s the ninja of app designs—silent but deadly efficient.

Customizable Themes ▸ Mood swings? Change Feeder’s look with customizable themes that fit your vibe or the time of day. It’s like having a wardrobe for your app!

Quick Sharing Options ▸ Share articles faster than you can say “Did you see this?” with just a couple of taps. Feeder makes staying in the loop as easy as pie.

Keyword Filtering ▸ Tailor your feed with Feeder’s keyword filters. It’s like having a bouncer at the door of your news club, only letting in the VIPs.

Multi-Device Sync ▸ Start on your iPhone, continue on your tablet. Feeder remembers your spot across all devices, because who has time to remember where they left off?

Support for Multiple Feed Formats ▸ RSS, Atom, RDF—Feeder speaks them all. It’s the polyglot of feed readers, welcoming any and all content types.

VoiceOver Compatibility ▸ Feeder plays nice with iOS’s VoiceOver, making it a friend to visually impaired users. Everyone gets a seat at the Feeder table!

Did You Know? Google once had a popular RSS service called Google Reader, launched in 2005. It was widely used until its shutdown in 2013, which caused a significant uproar among its devoted users.

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