2024 • Top 5 Photo Filter Apps for your Android & iOS Phones

Not just another filter app: Find out which one is your photography soulmate!
  1. Welcome to the vibrant world of photo magic, where every tap and swipe turns the mundane into the extraordinary!
  2. Let’s unleash the power of filters and turn your photo gallery into a dazzling exhibit of creativity and color.
  3. In this article, we’re diving into the kaleidoscope of the top 5 photo filter apps that are revolutionizing the way we capture life’s moments. Lets go!

Did You Know? Did you know the concept of photo filters dates back to the early days of photography? Photographers used colored glass and fabric to achieve different effects long before digital filters became a reality.

Filter Finesse: The Best Photo Filter Apps Available Today!


1. Pixlr
2. B612
3. A Color Story
5. Afterlight

How We Tested? We embarked on a digital adventure, armed with a diverse range of photos from landscapes to portraits. Each app was put through its paces, with filters applied to the same set of images to observe their effects and uniqueness. We tinkered with customization options, pushing each app to its limits to see how far we could take a photo’s transformation. Throughout the testing, we paid close attention to user experience, ease of navigation, and, of course, the sheer aesthetic appeal of the filters.

1. Pixlr – The Magical Toolbox of Filters

91% eScore

First off, Pixlr’s filter game is strong. Imagine having a magical toolbox where each tool can transform your photos from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ with just a few clicks. Pixlr’s filters range from the classic to the quirky, ensuring there’s a filter for every mood and occasion. Whether you want to add a vintage touch to your grandma’s photo, or make your cat look like the next big Instagram star, Pixlr has got you covered.

But here’s the fun part – customization! Imagine being a wizard where you tweak and twist your spells. That’s Pixlr for you with its filters. You can adjust the intensity of each filter, so if you want just a hint of nostalgia or to go full retro, the choice is yours. It’s like having a dimmer switch for your photos’ mood.

Now, for the social butterflies among us, Pixlr is not just a photo-editing tool; it’s a passport to social media fame. The filters are tailor-made for platforms like Instagram, where visuals are king. So, if you’re looking to jazz up your feed and rake in those likes, Pixlr is your secret weapon.

But let’s talk about the unique features. Pixlr is like a Multitool knife of photo editing. It’s got an AI image generator for when you’re feeling futuristic, a background remover for those pesky photobombers, and even a batch editor for when you’re in a hurry.

Subscription-wise, Pixlr plays it cool. It offers both a free version for the casual editors and a premium version for the Picassos of the photo editing world. So, whether you’re just dabbling in filters or planning your next digital masterpiece, there’s a Pixlr for you.

Pixlr struts around with a crown of positive reviews. Users love its ease of use, versatility, and the fact that it makes even the most camera-shy folks look good.

In summary, Pixlr is like a fun, filter-filled playground for your photos. It’s easy, versatile, and the perfect sidekick for your social media endeavors. So, whether you’re a budding photographer or just someone who loves playing with colors, give Pixlr a whirl and watch the magic unfold.

Android iOS

2. B612 – A Filter for Every Mood

88% eScore

In the kingdom of B612, the filters are like your loyal subjects, each one vying to glam up your photos. With names like “Loveletter” and “Gleam,” these filters aren’t just tools; they’re experiences. Each filter is like a personality trait – “Merry” for those days when your smile is extra wide, or “Youth” for when you want to relive the rebellious days of your teenage years. It’s like having an emotional wardrobe for your photos.

B612 understands the art of selfies like Shakespeare understood drama. The filters are your makeup artists, transforming your selfies into pieces of art. Forget about bad lighting or that pesky zit. With B612, your selfie game will be so strong, even your camera will develop a crush on you.

But wait, there’s more! B612 lets you play mad scientist by creating your own filters. It’s like cooking, but instead of spices, you’re mixing colors and effects. Want more saturation? Slide right. Need a vintage touch? Add a pinch of sepia. Voila, you’ve just concocted your signature filter.

And what’s the fun in having an arsenal of gorgeous selfies if you can’t share them? B612 is like your social media wingman, making sure your selfies are ready for Instagram, Facebook, or wherever your digital social life thrives.

B612’s filter library is like a candy store for your photos, each one adding a unique flavor to your images. From turning your face into an adorable animal to creating the perfect cinematic look, B612’s filters are the ultimate playground for your creative cravings.

You don’t need a PhD in photo editing to use B612. It’s as user-friendly as a grandma’s hug. With a few taps, you can navigate through the app like a pro, transforming your photos with the grace of a seasoned artist.

So there you have it, B612 in all its glory. It’s not just an app; it’s a selfie sanctuary where filters reign supreme, and every shot is a shot at stardom. Whether you’re a selfie enthusiast or just someone who likes to add a bit of sparkle to your pictures, B612 is your go-to app. Get ready to pout, smile, and duck-face your way to social media fame.

Android iOS

3. A Color Story – The Color-Popping Panorama

A Color Story
85% eScore

Imagine a world where every photo tells a vibrant story. That’s “A Color Story” for you – a carnival of colors where dull photos enter and leave as radiant masterpieces. This app doesn’t just add color; it breathes life into your photos. It’s like your images are getting a sun-kissed tan, without the risk of sunburn!

Whether you’re trying to capture the golden hues of a lazy Sunday afternoon or the pastel tones of a dreamy daydream, “A Color Story” has a filter for every mood. It’s like having a mood ring for your photos – each filter adjusting to the emotional temperature of your image. The app whispers to your pictures, “Tell me about your day,” and poof, the perfect filter responds.

But wait, there’s more! You’re not just a user; you’re a color composer. With “A Color Story,” you can mix and match filters, creating a symphony of shades unique to your vision. It’s like being a DJ at a party, but instead of mixing beats, you’re blending colors. Slide here, adjust there, and suddenly, you’re not just editing photos; you’re creating art.

The best part? You don’t need to be a wizard of the color wheel to use this app. “A Color Story” is as friendly as a neighbor’s dog – wagging its tail in excitement every time you use it. The interface is as intuitive as your favorite childhood game, ensuring that your photo-editing journey is smooth sailing.

And once you’ve crafted your colorful concoction, sharing is just a tap away. Whether you’re aiming for Instagram glory or Facebook fame, “A Color Story” makes sure your photos stand out in the endless scroll of social media feeds.

The variety of filters in “A Color Story” is like a buffet of your favorite foods – there’s something for everyone! Want to add a subtle blush to your photo? There’s a filter for that. Looking to make a bold statement? There’s a filter for that too. It’s like your photos are going on a world tour, each filter a new destination.

In the end, “A Color Story” isn’t just an app; it’s a magical realm where colors dance to the tune of your creativity. It turns the ordinary into extraordinary, one filter at a time. So, embark on this chromatic adventure, and let your photos tell their colorful stories!

Android iOS

4. VSCO – An Artist’s Arsenal

83% eScore

Picture this: VSCO, a digital artist’s studio where each filter is a brushstroke on your canvas of pixels. The app’s array of filters is like a paint palette with endless hues. Whether you’re channeling your inner moody artist or your vibrant, vivacious alter ego, VSCO’s filters have got your back. It’s akin to having a color-changing lens for your pictures, but cooler and less 90s.

Dive into VSCO’s filter fiesta, and you’ll find an array of options that can turn your backyard snapshot into a mysterious, fog-laden landscape or your beach photo into a sun-drenched postcard from paradise. The filters are so diverse, you might feel like you’ve been globe-trotting just by swiping through them.

VSCO doesn’t just hand you filters; it invites you to play with them. Adjust the intensity, mix them up, and create a photo cocktail that’s uniquely yours. It’s like being a chef, but instead of flavors, you’re mixing lights and shadows.

Using VSCO is as easy as pie – and not the baking kind, the eating kind. It’s designed for everyone from selfie kings and queens to budding photographers. You don’t need to be a tech whiz to navigate this app; it’s as intuitive as petting a fluffy kitten.

Once you’ve crafted your visual masterpiece, sharing it is a breeze. Whether you’re looking to up your Instagram game or just want to show grandma your photography skills, VSCO makes your photos social media ready with just a few taps.

The range of filters in VSCO is like a photographer’s toolbox. Each filter is a tool to carve, mold, and perfect your photos. From subtle sepia tones to bold black and whites, VSCO is like a magic wand that turns your everyday shots into extraordinary ones.

In the end, VSCO is more than just an app; it’s a creative journey. It’s where your photos go to dress up, stand out, and shine. So, step into the world of VSCO, where every photo becomes a story and every filter is a chapter in your creative journey.

Android iOS

5. Afterlight – The Filter Wonderland

81% eScore

Afterlight is like that quirky hat shop where every hat (or filter, in this case) has its own personality. Want to add a vintage vibe to your beach photos? There’s a filter for that. Looking to make your food pics more appetizing? Afterlight has got you covered with just the right sprinkle of color and contrast.

Now, here’s where Afterlight turns the fun dial up to eleven. You don’t just use filters; you create them. It’s like being in a kitchen where you mix ingredients to make the perfect photo recipe. A dash of saturation here, a pinch of contrast there, and voilà – you’ve cooked up your very own filter!

Navigating Afterlight is as easy as scrolling through a meme feed. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand its workings. With a few taps and swipes, you can go from photo rookie to editing whiz. It’s so user-friendly, even your tech-challenged uncle could master it at the next family gathering.

Got a stunning shot that’s ready for the ‘Gram? Afterlight ensures your masterpieces are ready for their social media debut faster than you can say “cheese.” With seamless sharing options, it’s like having a personal PR agent for your photos.

Afterlight’s filter collection is like a buffet – there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re into moody tones or bright, vivid hues, these filters can turn your photos into works of art. It’s like having a paintbrush where each stroke adds a new layer of awesome to your pictures.

In conclusion, Afterlight is not just an app; it’s a playground for your photographic imagination. It’s where filters meet creativity and where your photos get that extra flair they’ve been longing for. So go ahead, dive into Afterlight, and let your photos shine in their full-filtered glory!

FeaturePixlrB612A Color StoryVSCOAfterlight
Number of FiltersExtensiveExtensiveLarge selectionLarge selectionExtensive
Filter VarietyDiverse, All-kindsSelfie-enhancing, including diverse categoriesColor-enhancing, uniqueProfessional-quality, various categoriesUnique aesthetic appeal, includes Vintage
Custom FiltersYesYesYesYesYes
Filter CustomizationAdjustable intensityCustomizableRobust tools for adjustmentsStandard editing features and Split Tone, HSL adjustmentsComprehensive adjustment tools
Ease of UseUser-friendlyUser-friendlyCan get betterUser-friendly, but can be challenging to navigateVery user-friendly
Social SharingYesYesYesYesYes
Unique FeaturesAI image generator, background remover, batch editorFacial recognition stickers, make-up effectsPhotoshop-like tools, Lightroom presetsImage and basic video editing, community featuresBuilt-in camera, graphical effects
User RatingsHighly positiveHighly regarded for filtersPopular for color filtersAppreciated for minimalism and editing toolsKnown for user-friendly tools

Goodbye Boring Photos!

As we wrap up our journey through the dynamic universe of photo filter apps, it’s clear that the power to transform a simple snapshot into a work of art lies right at our fingertips.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a casual snapper, apps like Pixlr, B612, A Color Story, VSCO, and Afterlight offer a palette of possibilities that can elevate your images to new heights. With each app’s unique features and user-friendly interfaces, the world of photography is more accessible and exciting than ever before.

So go ahead, pick your favorite app, and let your creativity flow as you capture and share the world through your lens, one filter at a time.

Did You Know?

Did you know Instagram, launched in 2010, popularized the use of digital filters for personal photography? It initially offered only a handful of filters, but these played a significant role in the app’s explosive popularity.

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