Top 3 • Best Free Photo Editor Apps for iPhones (Handpicked)

From Amateur to Artist with a Tap! | 2024

Handpicked Apps, where only the Top 3 make the Cut!


Snapseed turns your iphone into a powerhouse photo editor, offering a vast toolkit from basic tweaks to advanced effects—all for free and at your fingertips! Perfect for both newbies and pros, it’s the ultimate app for creative photo editing on the go. Download▾

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Rich Editing Toolkit ▸ Jump into Snapseed’s toolbox like a kid in a candy store. With 29 tools and filters, from Healing to HDR, you can tweak your photos to magazine quality or just mess around until you accidentally create art.

Intuitive Touch Controls ▸ Snapseed’s interface is as easy as a dating app. Swipe right to enhance, tap to approve. Perfect for photo editing rookies and seasoned pros looking for a quick fix.

Pinpoint Precision ▸ With Snapseed, zoom in on that one weird cloud or a photobomber’s face and tweak it to perfection. It’s like having a tiny, very obedient robot at your fingertips.

Embrace RAW Photography ▸ Snapseed handles RAW images so smoothly, you’ll feel like a gourmet chef flipping pancakes. Keep all the juicy details of your shots and cook up something awesome.

Safe to Experiment ▸ Mess up? No problem. Snapseed’s non-destructive editing means your originals are safer than cookies hidden from kids. Play around—no regrets!

Creative Filters Galore ▸ Unleash your inner weirdo with Snapseed’s array of filters. Go Vintage, Black & White, or full alien invasion—customize until you convince your mom you’ve taken up professional photography.

Portrait Perfection ▸ Use ‘Face Enhance’ and ‘Pose’ to tweak your friend’s smirk into a smile. It’s almost like being a plastic surgeon, but cheaper and less creepy.

Blend and Layer ▸ Double Exposure is your ticket to making everyone think you’ve got a twin or to finally put your head on a superhero’s body. Layer it up and watch the magic happen.

Learn as You Edit ▸ Snapseed’s ‘Insights’ tutorials are like having a wise guru living in your phone. Learn new tricks without having to wear white robes or sit on a mountain.


PicsArt is your creative playground, packing robust editing tools, a vibrant artist community, and tons of customizable options to transform ordinary images into eye-catching works of art. Dive into this all-in-one editor and unleash your inner artist! Download▾

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Extensive Editing Tools ▸ PicsArt has everything from crop to clone to stretch—it’s like a Swiss Army knife for your photos. Fancy a little nip here or a tuck there? No problem!

Vibrant Community of Creatives ▸ Jump into a pool of millions of artists sharing everything from doodles to masterpieces. PicsArt isn’t just an app, it’s a global art fest in your pocket.

AI-Powered Effects ▸ Use PicsArt’s AI effects to make your photos look like they belong in a gallery. A few taps and, voilà, you’re basically Picasso.

Advanced Layering System ▸ Stack up your edits like a lasagna with PicsArt’s layering system. Perfect for those who like to tinker down to the last pixel.

Customizable Brushes ▸ With PicsArt, your brush can be as unique as your fingerprint. Paint, sketch, scribble—let your freak flag fly!

Stickers and Text Options ▸ Over 60 million stickers? That’s more stickers than you’d find in a kindergarten classroom. Slap on some text, and you’re the sticker king or queen.

Magic Effects ▸ Wave your phone like a magic wand and transform your photos with one-tap effects. It’s like makeup, but for your pics!

Video Editing Capability ▸ Not just a one-trick pony, PicsArt lets you spice up your videos too. Add some music, a few transitions, and boom—you’re a director.

Regular Challenges and Contests ▸ Get your game face on with weekly challenges. It’s like the Olympics for photo editing, minus the sweat.

Robust Tutorial Section ▸ Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, PicsArt’s tutorials are like having a wise mentor, only digital and probably not old. Ramp up your skills and your followers will thank you.


VSCO is the go-to app for photography lovers seeking a minimalist interface with professional-grade presets and advanced editing tools. Join the creative community, enhance your skills, and share your vision without the clutter of likes and comments. Download▾

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Elegant, Minimalist Interface ▸ VSCO keeps it clean and simple, like a monk’s bedroom. It’s so user-friendly you can navigate it in your sleep—no clutter, just the good stuff.

High-Quality Presets ▸ VSCO’s presets make your photos look like they were shot on film, not on your phone. Tap once, and bam! You’re suddenly an Instagram legend.

Advanced Camera Controls ▸ With VSCO, control your camera settings like a boss. Adjust the shutter speed, ISO, and white balance to get that perfect shot. It’s like having a DSLR in your smartphone.

Video Editing Tools ▸ VSCO lets you edit videos too, so you can keep your feed looking fresh and cohesive. It’s like having a mini film studio right in your pocket.

Montage Feature ▸ Stack up videos, images, and shapes to tell your story in a montage. It’s your social media, make it as dramatic or quirky as you want.

Connective Community Platform ▸ VSCO’s community is like a chill coffee shop where artists meet but nobody’s competing for the barista’s attention. Share, connect, and get inspired without the stress of likes.

Membership with Exclusive Content ▸ Join the VSCO membership club and unlock super cool presets and tools that’ll make your photos pop. Plus, learn new tricks without leaving your couch.

Recipe Tool ▸ Got a photo edit you love? Save it as a recipe and whip it out anytime like your grandma’s secret cookie recipe. Consistent vibes every time!

Challenge and Journal Feature ▸ Dive into challenges or journal your photo adventures on VSCO. It’s like keeping a diary, but way cooler and with more pictures.

Cross-platform Accessibility ▸ Whether you’re on iOS or Android, VSCO’s got you covered. Perfect for those who carry more gadgets than a tech store salesman.

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