Top 3 • Best Free Photo Editors for Apple Mac (Handpicked)

From Click to Chic: Top Mac Tools to Elevate Your Photos! | 2024

Handpicked Applications, where only the Top 3 make the Cut!


Fotor packs a punch with its robust editing toolkit and sleek interface, making it a dream for both newbie snappers and professional photographers. Dive into its vast array of features and unleash your creativity, all from the comfort of your Mac! Download▾

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Versatile Editing Toolkit ▸ Whether you’re making subtle tweaks or going full wizard with your photos, Fotor’s toolkit has everything. Perfect for the casual snapper and the serious shutterbug alike!

HDR Support ▸ Turn your average shots into epic moments with Fotor’s HDR. It’s like putting on ‘epic’ mode, balancing shadows and highlights to make your photos sing.

Batch Processing Capability ▸ Got a mountain of photos to edit? No problem! Fotor lets you tweak them by the dozen, saving your weekend for something more fun, like actually going out.

Intuitive User Interface ▸ So easy to navigate, you could probably use it blindfolded—but we don’t recommend trying that. It’s clean, simple, and won’t clutter your creative flow.

Rich Template Selection ▸ Dive into Fotor’s treasure chest of templates for whatever you’re crafting, from photo collages to snazzy Instagram posts. All customizable, because you’re the boss.

AI Photo Enhancement ▸ Click once, and watch Fotor’s AI transform your photos from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ with tweaks to exposure, saturation, and sharpness. It’s like magic, but real.

Cloud Saving ▸ Start your editing project on your iPad in bed, and finish up on your Mac at the coffee shop. Your work follows you anywhere, no USB sticks needed.

Exclusive Effects and Stickers ▸ Regular updates mean you’ll never run out of new stickers and effects. It’s like a never-ending supply of photo bling!

Photo Licensing Services ▸ Turn your photo skills into cash with Fotor’s licensing services. It’s like having an agent for your photos, right in your app.


GIMP is the ultimate open-source photo editor that brings professional-grade tools to your fingertips for free. Customize, create, and collaborate on any project with ease, leveraging a community-driven platform that constantly evolves! Download▾

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Open-Source Software ▸ GIMP is the people’s champ of photo editing—totally open-source and free. It’s like having an all-access VIP pass to a festival of cutting-edge features, all without spending a dime.

Customizable Interface ▸ GIMP lets you tweak its look to match your mood or workflow. It’s like playing Tetris with your tools and windows, arranging everything just right to boost your productivity.

Extensive Plugin Support ▸ Need more power? Tap into GIMP’s vast universe of plugins. It’s like adding a turbo boost to your software, with endless new tricks up its sleeve.

Advanced Photo Manipulation ▸ GIMP is the Swiss Army knife for photo tweaking, equipped to handle even the most complex retouching missions. Whether you’re airbrushing a selfie or crafting a masterpiece, it’s got your back.

Animation Capabilities ▸ Not just a one-trick pony, GIMP can also animate your creations. It’s perfect for when your photos are too good to stay still.

Support for Various File Formats ▸ GIMP speaks almost every image language, from JPEG to TIFF. It’s the Babel fish of photo editing, making sure you can work with any file you stumble across.

High-Quality Photo Enhancement Tools ▸ GIMP’s tools are like a magic wand for your photos, correcting imperfections and transforming good into great with precision that would make a surgeon jealous.

Digital Painting Features ▸ Unleash your inner da Vinci with GIMP’s digital painting tools, designed to simulate real-life brushes and textures. It’s like having a digital canvas and palette without the messy clean-up.

Regular Updates and Improvements ▸ GIMP is always leveling up, thanks to its open-source nature and a community that cares. Each update is like a mini makeover, continually enhancing its charm and capabilities.

Community and Support ▸ Dive into GIMP’s community pool—it’s warm with support and resources! Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, it’s like having a cheer squad and a brain trust all in one place.


Pixlr offers a seamless, web-based photo editing experience, allowing you to transform images from any device with internet access. It’s user-friendly, feature-rich, and perfect for quick, creative edits on the go! Download▾

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Web-Based Convenience ▸ Pixlr lets you edit photos right in your browser, which means no more downloading stuff you’ll forget to delete later. Just hop online, and you’re ready to roll from any Mac with WiFi.

User-Friendly Interface ▸ Pixlr’s interface is as easy as pie, minus the baking. Whether you’re a rookie or a photo ninja, you’ll be making those snaps pop in no time.

AI-Driven Tools ▸ Let Pixlr’s AI be your photo-editing sidekick—zapping backgrounds, pimping up your pics, and even making smart suggestions. It’s like having a little robot friend who’s great with a brush.

Extensive Toolset ▸ Think being web-based makes Pixlr weak? Think again! It packs a punch with layers, lassos, and more, giving desktop apps a run for their money.

Creative Filters and Overlays ▸ With Pixlr, add some spice to your photos with filters and overlays that make your images look like they’ve been touched by an artist, or at least a very artistic algorithm.

No Account Required ▸ Jump straight into editing without signing your life away. It’s all the fun without the paperwork.

Cross-Platform Compatibility ▸ Edit on a Mac, switch to a PC, and even tweak on a tablet. Pixlr is like a chameleon, blending in across all your devices.

Template Library ▸ Need a fancy flyer or a cool Instagram post? Pixlr’s got a library full of templates that are easy to use and easier to love.

Real-Time Collaboration ▸ Team up in real time, even if your team is spread out all over the place. It’s collaboration without the commute.

Did You Know? The concept of the digital camera was invented by an engineer at Kodak named Steve Sasson in 1975. Ironically, this innovation eventually led to the decline of Kodak’s traditional film-based business.

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