2023 • The Best Free Scrum Software for Your Company

From Sprint to Success: Level Up Your Agile Game
  1. In the vibrant tapestry of the digital age, Agile stands out as the shimmering thread weaving through project management.
  2. As teams sprint through challenges, the hunt is always on for the perfect Scrum companion. But with a plethora of choices, where does one even begin?
  3. Fear not, dear reader, for you’ve landed on a treasure trove! Unveiling the crème de la crème, the magic-makers, the Scrum saviors – here’s your curated list of the 8 most stellar free Scrum software lighting up the Agile skies of 2023. Ready for the expedition?

Did You Know? Did you know that the term “Scrum” wasn’t originally related to software at all. It’s borrowed from rugby and refers to a strategy used to restart a game.

Embrace Agile with the Top 8 Free Scrum Solutions of 2023


1. Jira
2. Trello
3. Wrike
4. GitLab
5. Taiga
6. KanbanFlow
7. Asana
8. ClickUp

How We Tested? We delved into user reviews, analyzed real-world performance metrics, and tested each Scrum platform’s usability. After several hours of hands-on trials and gathering extensive feedback, we distilled the essence of what makes each software stand out. Our evaluations combined both qualitative experiences and quantitative data, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive assessment.

1. Jira

89% eScore

Jira‘s prowess lies not just in its features, but in its ability to adapt, grow, and cater to a vast spectrum of users and needs. It’s more than just software; it’s a testament to the dynamic nature of project management in the digital age.

From Bugs to Boards: Initially crafted as a bug-tracking tool, Jira has elegantly evolved into a comprehensive project management suite. This transformation showcases its adaptability and its commitment to growing with the demands of its user base.

Customization King: Few tools rival Jira when it comes to personalization. Whether it’s creating unique workflows, designing custom fields, or even tweaking user permissions, Jira ensures your board looks and operates precisely the way your team envisions it.

Integration Powerhouse: Syncing with Confluence for documentation or Bitbucket for code versioning? No problem! Jira’s extensive marketplace brims with add-ons and integrations, making it a linchpin in many digital ecosystems.

Agile at its Heart: While Jira caters to various project management methodologies, its dedication to Agile shines brightly. Features like sprint planning, backlogs, and burndown charts make Scrum implementations a breeze.

Reporting Genius: Jira doesn’t just help teams manage tasks, it offers insightful reporting tools. From velocity charts to sprint reports, teams can derive actionable insights, ensuring constant improvement.

Scalability for All: Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a sprawling enterprise, Jira scales seamlessly. Its robust infrastructure and diverse plans ensure that both small teams and large organizations can harness its power effectively.

Ideal for: Large teams and enterprises that need a robust and integrable system.

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2. Trello

87% eScore

In a digital realm filled with complexity, Trello offers a refreshing breath of simplicity. It transforms mundane tasks into visual tales, making project management feel less like work and more like storytelling.

Visual Simplicity at its Best: In the vast ocean of project management tools, Trello stands out as a serene lagoon, offering an intuitive and visually appealing board-based interface. Each card and list tells a story, guiding users effortlessly through projects.

Drag, Drop, Done!: The magic of Trello lies in its drag-and-drop simplicity. Need to assign a task? Drag a member onto a card. Changing priorities? Simply move the card to a new position. It’s tactile, responsive, and oh-so-satisfying!

Power-Ups Unleashed: While Trello might seem like a straightforward board tool, its Power-Ups give it superhero capabilities. From integrating with Google Drive or syncing with Slack, Trello’s modular approach ensures your board is always feature-rich, without being cluttered.

Collaboration in Real-Time: Gone are the days of endless email chains and lost communication. Trello’s seamless collaboration ensures every comment, attachment, and checklist update is instantly visible to all team members.

Tailored to Your Taste: Whether it’s the serene shades of a beach sunset or the dark hues of a night mode, Trello’s customizable backgrounds and stickers make project management not just efficient, but also enjoyable.

From Personal to Professional: Trello’s charm lies in its versatility. Planning a family vacation? Trello’s there. Working on a massive enterprise project? Trello’s got your back. Its flexibility ensures it fits snugly into every aspect of your life.

Ideal for: Startups, small teams, or those venturing into Scrum for the first time.

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Did You Know? While Scrum is often associated with Agile, they’re not the same. Scrum is a framework used to implement Agile, which is a broader philosophy of software development.

3. Wrike

85% eScore

Wandering through the corridors of Wrike feels like exploring a grand old library – there’s a tool for every query, a feature for every challenge. It’s not just software, but a dynamic realm where projects come alive, teams unite, and visions turn to reality.

The Swiss Army Knife of Tools: Step into Wrike, and you’re greeted by a tool that’s ready for any project challenge. Like a Swiss Army knife, it unfolds, revealing a feature for every need, bridging the gap between simple to-do lists and intricate project management mazes.

Time Travel with Timelines: With Wrike’s dynamic Gantt chart timelines, you can almost feel like a time traveler. Visualize project phases, set dependencies, and shift deadlines with a few clicks, ensuring you’re always in control of the project’s temporal flow.

Collaboration Made Cinematic: Conversations in Wrike are less like mundane chats and more like riveting film dialogues. Real-time comments, @mentions, and document collaborations ensure that every team member is on the same page, or shall we say, the same scene!

A Dashboard that Dazzles: Imagine the dashboard of a futuristic spaceship. That’s Wrike’s dashboard for you – customizable, dynamic, and always providing a bird’s eye view of your projects. Whether it’s task statuses or performance metrics, everything’s just a glance away.

Integrations Galore: Wrike is like that social butterfly that gets along with everyone at the party. Be it CRM tools, cloud storage, or design software, Wrike seamlessly integrates, ensuring that you don’t have to juggle between apps.

Scaling Skyscraper Heights: Whether you’re a boutique agency or a sprawling multinational, Wrike grows with you. Its scalability ensures that as your projects rise in complexity, Wrike rises to the occasion, always ready to support and streamline.

Ideal for: Mid-sized teams wanting a tool that scales with their growth.

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Did You Know? The Scrum process was formally introduced to the public in 1995 during a presentation at the Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages & Applications (OOPSLA) conference.

4. GitLab

83% eScore

Exploring GitLab is like entering a world where anything is possible. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a dynamic ecosystem where coding, teamwork, and imagination come together to create works of art.

Beyond Code, A Cosmos: GitLab began its journey in the galaxy of web-based Git repositories, but it wasn’t content being just a star. It expanded, integrating CI/CD, security, and more, eventually becoming its own vast universe for developers.

A Symphony of Integration: Imagine a symphony where every instrument plays in perfect harmony. That’s GitLab for the developers. From planning to deploying, every phase of the DevOps lifecycle finds its rhythm, ensuring a melodious delivery.

Open Source Odyssey: At the heart of GitLab lies the spirit of open source. A vibrant community of contributors, ideas that resonate across the globe, and the freedom to customize – GitLab embodies the essence of shared innovation.

The CI/CD Maestro: In the concert of software development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are pivotal notes. GitLab conducts this with finesse, ensuring seamless and efficient software releases.

A Fortress of Security: Navigating the cyber realm can be treacherous, but with GitLab, you’re armored. Its built-in security features and constant monitoring feel like a knight guarding your code, ensuring threats remain at bay.

Collaboration in the Clouds: GitLab isn’t just grounded on servers; it soars in the clouds. Its cloud-based offerings, combined with tools for real-time collaboration, make it feel like a workshop in the skies, where ideas float freely and innovation takes flight.

Ideal for: Development-centric teams wanting seamless integration of code and management.


5. Taiga

Taiga - Free Scrum Software
81% eScore

Navigating Taiga is akin to journeying through an electronic woodland, where each function is a towering tree, every connection a winding trail, and every project a tale ready to be told. It’s a landscape where tech and nature intertwine, fostering authentic expansion and true advancement.

Nature Meets Tech: Just like the vast Taiga biome, the platform Taiga is expansive and alive. Its name isn’t just for show; the platform truly embodies the spirit of growth, adaptability, and robustness, providing a nurturing environment for your projects to flourish.

Born Agile: While many tools stretch and mold to fit Agile, Taiga feels like it was born from it. Its innate understanding of Agile practices, be it Scrum or Kanban, ensures that your methodologies are not just supported but celebrated.

Open Source Oasis: In the desert of proprietary tools, Taiga emerges as a refreshing oasis. Open source at its core, it invites a community of thinkers, dreamers, and developers to refine and reimagine what project management can be.

A Canvas of Customization: Using Taiga is like painting on a blank canvas. It offers the freedom to shape, color, and customize your project environment to reflect the unique essence of your team and tasks.

Multilingual Maestro: The world of tech is vast and varied, and Taiga embraces this diversity. Offering multi-language support, it ensures that teams from every corner of the globe feel at home.

Interface Intrigue: Clean, intuitive, and minimalistic – Taiga’s interface is like the serene surface of a lake, reflecting the depth of features beneath and inviting users to dive into the world of efficient project management.

Ideal for: Teams preferring open-source solutions and those desiring customization freedom.

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Did You Know? Scrum’s daily stand-up meetings are rooted in a principle that standing encourages participants to stay on-topic and expedite the meeting. No more hour-long digressions!

6. KanbanFlow

81% eScore

KanbanFlow is truly like a Zen garden. It’s a place where tasks become meditative, productivity becomes poetic, and every flow is a testament to the balance between order and creativity. In the chaotic cacophony of the digital age, KanbanFlow emerges as a harmonious hymn of efficiency.

Flow Like Water: Bruce Lee once said, “Be water, my friend.” KanbanFlow, true to its name, allows your projects and tasks to flow effortlessly, mimicking the fluidity and adaptability of water as it progresses from one stage to the next.

The Colorful Canvas: With vibrant lanes and cards, KanbanFlow is more than a tool—it’s a canvas. Painting a vivid picture of your projects, it brings color, clarity, and charisma to the oftentimes monochrome world of task management.

Timer and Task, United: Unique to its realm, KanbanFlow marries the power of the Pomodoro Technique timer with Kanban boards. It’s like having a rhythmic heartbeat pulsing through your tasks, guiding them to completion with focus and energy.

Minimalism Meets Mastery: There’s an elegance in simplicity, and KanbanFlow is its embodiment. Stripping away the unnecessary fluff, it presents a platform where minimalism meets task mastery, creating a serene environment of productivity.

Insights in an Instant: In KanbanFlow, insights emerge not as complex charts or perplexing data, but as clear, concise visuals. One look, and you grasp the pulse of your project, understanding where it thrives and where it needs a nudge.

Across Devices, Across Desires: Be it on a bustling train or a serene café, KanbanFlow has your back. Responsive and versatile, it ensures you’re always connected, turning any place into a potential powerhouse of productivity.

Ideal for: Visual teams wanting a straightforward tool with time management features.

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Did You Know? Some of the world’s leading tech giants, including Google and Apple, have integrated Scrum methodologies into their work processes to drive efficiency and innovation.

7. Asana

80% eScore

Asana feels akin to exploring a grand old citadel, where every corner holds a story, every pathway promises potential, and every task is a tapestry of teamwork and tenacity. It’s not just a tool; it’s a territory where aspirations ascend and dreams take wing.

Task Tango: In the dance hall of project management, Asana leads with grace. Every task and subtask elegantly waltzes across the platform, ensuring that you’re always in step with your project’s rhythm, no matter how complex the choreography.

Organize with Oomph: Think of Asana as a masterful maestro, orchestrating a symphony of tasks, timelines, and team members. Whether it’s dividing projects into phases or aligning team calendars, Asana ensures every note plays perfectly.

Beyond Boards, A Galaxy: While many tools stop at boards and lists, Asana ventures further. Portfolios, Workspaces, and Goals expand its universe, ensuring teams don’t just complete tasks but also capture visions and aspirations.

A Tapestry of Templates: Why start from scratch when Asana offers a colorful tapestry of templates? Be it product launches, bug tracking, or event planning, there’s a template to kickstart every journey, ensuring you hit the ground running.

Collaboration’s Crown Jewel: Conversations in Asana feel less like chat bubbles and more like vibrant town squares. Comments, feedback, and files merge, creating a bustling hub of collaboration where ideas shine and innovations ignite.

The Integration Inn: Step into Asana’s Integration Inn, and you’re greeted by a plethora of apps ready to synergize. From Slack notifications to Google Drive attachments, Asana ensures its realm is always enriched by its neighboring digital domains.

Ideal for: Teams wanting a flexible tool that can be tailored to various methodologies, not just Scrum.

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8. ClickUp

80% eScore

Wandering through ClickUp is like exploring a bustling digital metropolis. Every alley is an avenue of innovation, every square a hub of synergy. It’s more than just a platform; it’s a pulsating cityscape where productivity thrives, and possibilities are endless.

The Digital Multi-Tool: ClickUp isn’t merely another application; it’s the ultimate productivity toolkit. With tasks, docs, goals, and chat consolidated into a single hub, it’s akin to possessing a utility belt even Batman would covet.

Mold It, Shape It: If ClickUp were clay, you’d be the master sculptor. Its custom views – from lists and boards to calendars and Gantt charts – allow you to mold your workspace as per the nuances of your projects, ensuring it mirrors your mindset.

A Universe of Integrations: In ClickUp’s cosmos, no app is an island. Whether it’s syncing with Trello, pulling data from Google Analytics, or integrating with Zoom for meetings, ClickUp ensures its universe is always expanding, connecting stars and systems alike.

Collaboration’s Cozy Café: ClickUp feels less like a workspace and more like a cozy café where teams gather. The buzz of conversations, the exchange of ideas, and the aroma of brewing projects make it a favorite hangout spot for collaborators worldwide.

Efficiency Unearthed with Automation: With ClickUp’s automations, you’re not just working; you’re orchestrating. Set triggers, design actions, and let the platform handle the mundane. It’s like having a symphony play out, with every note hitting the right chord of efficiency.

The Hierarchical Haven: Nested tasks, dependencies, sub-tasks – ClickUp’s hierarchical approach ensures that even in the most elaborate projects, there’s order, structure, and clarity. It’s like having a multi-story mansion where every room has its purpose and place.

Ideal for: Teams seeking a one-stop solution for project management.

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Concluding our Scrum Journey

And there we have it – a whirlwind tour through the grand halls of 2023’s Scrum software royalty. Each contender, with its own flair and finesse, proves that the world of Agile is neither stagnant nor monolithic. It’s a dynamic realm, constantly evolving, shaped by tools that not only respond to current challenges but anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

As we close this chapter, remember that the best software isn’t just about features or pricing; it’s about alignment – finding the platform that harmonizes with your team’s rhythm, aspirations, and ethos. As the Agile journey unfolds, may these tools be the trusty compass guiding you towards uncharted territories of innovation and success.

Did You Know?

In Scrum, if a task isn’t completed in its designated sprint, it doesn’t just carry over to the next sprint. It’s re-evaluated and prioritized against all other tasks.

Author: Nik is an experienced author with 14 years in software and tech, holding an IT Engineering degree and a Data Science Master's from Liverpool University. Disclaimer: This website's content is created by humans and refined by AI for better grammar, flow, and clarity.