Top 3 • Best Free RSS Readers for Your Mac (Handpicked)

Feed your Mac the best: Best free RSS readers explored! | 2024

Handpicked Applications, where only the Top 3 make the Cut!


Inoreader streamlines your reading with powerful customization, ensuring you never miss a beat from your favorite feeds and news sources. Download▾

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Tailored Content Streams ▸ Inoreader acts like your personal news butler, customizing your feed so you can stalk specific websites, keywords, and even Twitter feeds. It’s like magic, but you’re still in charge.

Powerful Search Capabilities ▸ Ever feel like you’re missing out? With Inoreader, that’s old news. Dive deep into the archives with its search engine that can track down any article, anytime, anywhere—no detective hat needed.

Offline Reading ▸ Who says you need internet to stay informed? Not Inoreader. Download your articles and take them anywhere—subway, airplane, or a deserted island.

Integration and Sharing Tools ▸ Inoreader doesn’t just collect articles; it’s like the social butterfly of news apps. Share your findings with a click, straight to social media or productivity apps like OneNote and Evernote.

Highly Customizable Interface ▸ Adjust Inoreader to your tastes like you’re tweaking your coffee order. Switch up themes, shuffle the layout, and make it as cozy as your favorite café corner.

Real-Time Updates ▸ With Inoreader, your news feed refreshes faster than you can say “breaking news,” ensuring you’re the first to know when something happens.

Sophisticated Filtering ▸ Inoreader’s filters are so refined, they can probably sort your whole life out. But let’s start with your news feed—showing only what you care to see.

Smart Automation Features ▸ Let Inoreader do the heavy lifting with automation that sorts, tags, and alerts you about new content based on your personal settings. It’s like having a personal assistant for your news.

RSS Feed Support ▸ No feed is too obscure for Inoreader. RSS, Atom, JSON—you name it, Inoreader organizes it into one tidy package.

Subscription Options ▸ The free version of Inoreader is great, but for a few bucks, unlock the VIP experience with no ads, more feeds, and fancier search options. It’s like first class for your news.


NetNewsWire offers a sleek, ad-free RSS experience with lightning-fast sync, making it a must-have for efficient, focused news consumption. Download▾

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Sleek, Streamlined Interface ▸ NetNewsWire keeps it clean and simple, so you can focus on what’s really important: the content. It’s like a minimalist’s dream for news apps, leaving out all the fluff.

Open Source Community ▸ With NetNewsWire, it’s like having a techy flash mob constantly tweaking and improving things. This open-source gem evolves with its users because it’s crafted by its users.

Native macOS Integration ▸ NetNewsWire is like the perfect houseguest for your Mac, meshing seamlessly with Dark Mode, Touch Bar, and notifications. It’s so native, you’d think it was born in Cupertino.

Lightning-Fast Sync ▸ NetNewsWire doesn’t waste time. It syncs at the speed of light, keeping you updated so quickly, your coffee won’t have time to cool.

Built-In Read Later Feature ▸ Found something you want to read but got no time? Hit ‘read later’ and NetNewsWire tucks it away for a rainy day, no extra apps needed.

No Ads, Pure Reading ▸ NetNewsWire is all about that uninterrupted reading flow—no ads, no pop-ups, just you and the news. Like a private reading room in a bustling city.

RSS Feed Management ▸ Managing RSS feeds with NetNewsWire is so easy, it almost feels like cheating. It’s your digital newsstand, nicely organized and always up-to-date.

Support for Keyboard Shortcuts ▸ Love shortcuts? NetNewsWire has enough keyboard kung fu to make a productivity ninja jealous. Fly through your feeds without ever touching the mouse.

Smart Feed Filters ▸ With smart filters like ‘Today’ and ‘Unread,’ NetNewsWire helps you sift through the news jungle like a seasoned explorer, showing you the freshest finds and hidden gems.

Active Development and Support ▸ The volunteer devs behind NetNewsWire are like the pit crew at a race; they’re always there, making sure everything runs smoothly and stays in pole position on your Mac.


NewsBlur keeps you connected and engaged with real-time updates, intelligent filtering, and interactive features for an enriched reading journey. Download▾

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Real-Time RSS Feed Updates ▸ NewsBlur keeps you plugged into the internet’s heartbeat. With real-time updates, you won’t skip a beat on the latest scoops or your beloved blogs.

Story Training and Filtering ▸ Train NewsBlur like a pet. Tell it what stories you love, and watch it fetch just those, while ghosting the snoozers. It’s like having a news butler!

Multi-Platform Synchronization ▸ NewsBlur’s got your back whether you’re on your Mac, phone, or tablet. It keeps your feeds and reading progress in sync, so you’re always on the same page—literally.

Social Sharing Features ▸ NewsBlur isn’t just for solo reading; it’s a full-blown social club. Share articles with your followers, or chat about them in the community—it’s like book club, but for news.

Organized Feed Management ▸ NewsBlur is the Marie Kondo of news apps. Tidy up your feeds into neat little folders—it loves messes and makes managing them a breeze.

Original Site View ▸ Prefer your news straight from the source? NewsBlur lets you read articles in their native habitat, supporting the creators without leaving the app.

Advanced Search Capabilities ▸ Go on a treasure hunt with NewsBlur’s search tool. Track down articles by keywords, tags, or authors—it’s like having a news detective at your fingertips.

Interactive News Reader ▸ Get chatty with NewsBlur’s interactive features. Like and comment to mingle with other news aficionados—it’s social media for news junkies.

Visual and Text Preferences ▸ Customize your reading glasses with NewsBlur. Adjust text size and theme to suit your eyeballs, keeping them comfy no matter how long you binge-read.

Premium Features Without the Premium Price ▸ NewsBlur offers a first-class reading experience at coach pricing. Ad-free browsing, endless subscriptions, and fast feed fetching—luxury reading without the luxury price tag.

Did You Know? The icon for RSS feeds, which looks like a dot with two arcs, was actually designed by Mozilla and later adopted universally to represent web feeds.

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