2023 • The Best Free Photo Editors for Fab Pics

Level up your Photo game with Our Handpicked list of Free Photo Editors. Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary!
  1. Ever stared at a photo and thought, “Why does my cat look more photogenic than me?” or “Did Bigfoot take this blurry shot?”
  2. Fret not, fellow snapshot snafu-ers! Dive into this list of free photo editors, curated just for you!
  3. From those “Oops, bad hair day” selfies to the “Oh, that’s what I look like from that angle?” moments, we’ve got tools to make every pixel pop and every color dazzle. Ready to turn your photo flops into gallery gold? Let’s roll!

Did You Know? The “selfie” may seem like a product of the smartphone era, but the first known selfie dates back to 1839. Robert Cornelius, an American photographer, took a self-portrait, and guess what? No duck face!

Snap, Edit, Wow: Fantastic Free Photo Editors to Get Your Pics Popping

How We Tested? We put each photo editor through its paces, using a variety of challenging images ranging from low-light shots to high-action captures. Our team evaluated user-friendliness, tool versatility, and output quality. We compared performance metrics, applied a myriad of filters, and even got feedback from a few professional photographers. Through several hours of edits, re-edits, and more than a few coffee breaks, we’ve curated this list for you.


91% eScore

With its rich features and community-driven ethos, GIMP holds its ground as a leading free photo editor in today’s digital landscape. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, GIMP’s versatility has something to offer for every kind of digital artist.

Open-Source Powerhouse: Unlike many of its peers, GIMP stands tall as an open-source photo editing tool. This ensures it remains free, continually updated, and, most importantly, built for and by its passionate community of users.

Photoshop Alternative: For those not keen on shelling out for Adobe’s famous editor, GIMP emerges as a formidable opponent. Its extensive range of tools and capabilities often draw parallels with Photoshop, making it a top choice for professionals on a budget.

Customize to Your Heart’s Desire: One of GIMP’s standout features is its high degree of customization. From the layout of the interface to the tools you frequently use, everything can be tailored. This allows users to create a unique workspace optimized for their editing flow.

Extend and Enhance: Plugins galore! The GIMP community actively develops and shares plugins. Whether you’re looking to add a special filter, automate a process, or integrate with another software, there’s probably a plugin for that.

Cross-Platform Consistency: Whether you’re team Windows, a macOS enthusiast, or a Linux loyalist, GIMP has you covered. Its consistent experience across platforms ensures that you can seamlessly transition your work from one operating system to another.

RAW Photo Wizardry: For photographers who like to shoot in RAW format, GIMP, paired with tools like UFRaw, becomes a potent combination. It allows for detailed, non-destructive post-processing, bringing out the best in your high-resolution shots.

Suitable For: Professionals and advanced users. Platform Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux.

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2. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer
89% eScore

In a world where photo editing can seem daunting, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer emerges as the knight in shining armor for the everyday user. It’s proof that powerful photo transformations don’t have to come with a steep learning curve. Whether you’re enhancing a memory or prepping a professional post, Ashampoo promises efficiency with elegance.

One-Click Wonders: Ashampoo Photo Optimizer’s standout feature is its ability to transform photos instantly with just a single click. Perfect for those who don’t want to delve into intricate settings but desire a polished finish.

Bright and Balanced: Ever captured a shot that looks too dark or oddly tinted? Fear not, as Ashampoo excels in auto-color corrections. It breathes life into faded photos and ensures colors pop the way they should.

Snap and Share: Once you’ve given your photos the Ashampoo touch, sharing them is a breeze. Integrated sharing features ensure your newly optimized memories can be uploaded to web platforms or sent to friends with ease.

Flawless Faces: Portrait photographers, rejoice! Ashampoo comes equipped with tools dedicated to skin optimization. Say goodbye to blemishes and hello to naturally radiant skin.

Swift and User-Friendly: The software’s intuitive design ensures that even those new to photo editing can navigate its features with confidence. No lengthy tutorials needed; you’ll be up and running in no time.

Safe and Sound: Made an edit you’re not too fond of? Ashampoo has a built-in backup system. This ensures that you can always revert to the original image, giving you the freedom to experiment without worry.

Suitable For: Beginners and those looking for quick edits. Platform Availability: Windows.

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3. Canva

88% eScore

Canva‘s rise in the digital space isn’t mere happenstance. It’s a testament to the platform’s commitment to making design accessible, fun, and powerful for everyone. From sprucing up a simple photo to orchestrating a full-fledged marketing campaign, Canva has the tools and resources to help creators shine.

Design Democracy: Canva isn’t just a photo editor; it’s a revolution in democratizing design. With its user-friendly interface, anyone, from a beginner to a seasoned pro, can craft stunning visuals without needing a degree in graphic design.

Template Treasure Trove: Whether it’s a social media post, a presentation slide, or a birthday invite, Canva’s extensive library of professionally designed templates ensures there’s a perfect starting point for every project. Just pick, tweak, and go!

Collaborate and Conquer: Working on a team project? Canva’s collaborative features are a game-changer. Real-time edits, comment threads, and shared folders mean team design has never been smoother.

Beyond Borders: With Canva, you’re not restricted to static images. Dive into creating videos, GIFs, and even interactive web designs. The platform evolves as the digital landscape does, continually offering fresh, relevant tools.

Branding Buddy: Canva’s Brand Kit feature lets businesses and individuals store logos, colors, and fonts. This ensures consistent branding across all designs, saving time and maintaining a cohesive look.

Learn and Grow: The Canva Design School isn’t just an afterthought; it’s a valuable resource. With tutorials, articles, and courses, users can expand their design knowledge and keep pace with the latest trends.

Suitable For: Content creators and beginners. Platform Availability: Web-based, iOS, Android.

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4. Pixlr

88% eScore

In the expansive realm of online photo editors, Pixlr shines with its combination of simplicity and depth. Catering to spontaneous edits on the go, as well as detailed projects that require hours of dedication, Pixlr is a versatile tool that every digital artist, from novice to pro, will cherish.

Web Wonder: No more hefty downloads or installations. Pixlr, with its potent web-based platform, ensures that high-quality photo editing is just a browser tab away. No fuss, all function!

Dual Delight: Pixlr offers two flavors: Pixlr X for quick edits and Pixlr E for those craving more advanced features. This dual approach caters to both the casual user and the more experienced editor.

Layered Loveliness: Channeling the power of professional desktop editors, Pixlr lets users work with layers. This means intricate compositions, non-destructive edits, and the ability to finesse every element of an image to perfection.

AI Assistance: With features like background remover and upscale, Pixlr harnesses the power of AI to make complex tasks a matter of clicks. Get studio-level edits without the studio-level effort.

Filter Fanfare: From vintage vibes to futuristic flares, Pixlr’s vast array of filters and effects ensures that every mood and style is just a click away. Transforming the feel of an image has never been more intuitive.

Zero Price, Zero Watermarks: Unlike many free platforms, Pixlr respects your creations. This means no forced watermarks or hidden costs. Just pure, unadulterated creativity.

Suitable For: All users, from beginners to professionals. Platform Availability: Web-based, iOS, Android.

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5. Fotor

85% eScore

Positioned at the intersection of simplicity and capability, Fotor is more than just a photo editor. It’s a comprehensive platform for visual storytelling. Whether capturing the essence of a fleeting moment or building a brand’s visual identity, Fotor is the trusted tool in the toolkit of many.

Magic Makeover: With Fotor’s “1-Tap Enhance”, even the most novice users can instantly elevate their photos. One click and your image is balanced, brightened, and ready for the spotlight.

Collage Creator: Merging memories is a breeze with Fotor’s collage tool. Whether it’s a thematic montage or a chronological journey, the platform provides templates and tools to stitch together moments seamlessly.

HDR Hero: For those shots where lighting is a challenge, Fotor’s HDR capabilities come to the rescue. Craft images that are vivid and dynamic, ensuring every detail, from shadows to highlights, is perfectly portrayed.

Portrait Perfection: Red-eye? Blemishes? Uneven skin tone? Fotor’s beauty features offer remedies for common portrait pitfalls. The result? Natural, flattering photos every time.

Designer Dreams: Beyond photo editing, Fotor is a trusted companion for graphic design. With customizable templates for banners, posters, and more, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your visual content needs.

Cloud Convenience: Fotor’s cloud saving feature means your works-in-progress are accessible wherever you go. Start on desktop, tweak on mobile, and share from anywhere. Creativity is no longer tethered to a single device.

Suitable For: Beginners and intermediate users. Platform Availability: Web-based, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android.

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6. Paint.NET

84% eScore

Paint.NET is the embodiment of the idea that powerful tools don’t need to be complicated or expensive. With its unique blend of simplicity, community support, and continual evolution, it stands as a beacon for budding artists and experienced editors alike. Whether you’re dabbling in digital artistry or perfecting a photo, Paint.NET is a reliable companion on your creative journey.

Humble Beginnings: Born as a student project intended to replace Microsoft Paint, Paint.NET has since evolved into a robust editing tool, proving that sometimes, the underdog can indeed steal the show.

Layers and Logic: Taking cues from more advanced software, Paint.NET introduced the layer-based editing system to users who wanted more control without the complexity. It’s a playground for creativity, minus the intimidating controls.

Community Creations: Plug-in support is where Paint.NET really shines. The active community regularly crafts new plugins, expanding the software’s capabilities. From niche effects to advanced processing tools, if you need a feature, there’s likely a plugin for that.

Refreshingly Intuitive: Stripping away the fluff, Paint.NET’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly. New users can jump right in, while seasoned editors will appreciate the no-nonsense approach to tool organization.

Regularly Refined: Frequent updates mean that Paint.NET is always improving. With a keen ear to user feedback, the developers ensure that new features and optimizations are always on the horizon.

Wallet-Friendly Wonder: In a world of monthly subscriptions and hidden costs, Paint.NET remains genuinely free. It’s a testament to the developers’ commitment to providing a quality tool accessible to everyone, regardless of budget.

Suitable For: Intermediate users and those transitioning from basic tools. Platform Availability: Windows.

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7. Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro
82% eScore

Photo Pos Pro is a testament to the belief that powerful photo editing tools should be accessible to all, regardless of experience or expertise. With its adaptable interfaces, rich features, and supportive community, it’s a gem in the landscape of digital editing tools. Perfect for those who want depth without the daunting intricacies.

Dual Destinies: Catering to all, Photo Pos Pro offers two distinct interfaces: one streamlined for beginners and another for experts. Whether you’re just wading into the waters of editing or are an old sailor, there’s a tailored experience waiting.

Collage Craftsman: Assembling memories is an art, and with Photo Pos Pro’s dynamic collage tools, one can become a master at it. Merge moments, textures, and moods into a singular expressive canvas.

Retouching Royalty: Blemishes, wrinkles, and unwanted details can be a thing of the past. With precision tools designed for portrait enhancement, every face can shine with its best light.

Magical Masks & Layers: Dive deeper into creative compositions with advanced layering and masking features. Whether it’s blending landscapes or crafting digital art, the flexibility offered here is a creator’s dream.

Extensible Excellence: While already packed with features, Photo Pos Pro can be further amplified through extensions. These additional tools and capabilities ensure the software grows as your skills do.

Learning Ladder: Not just a tool, but also a tutor. Photo Pos Pro offers an array of tutorials, guides, and a helpful user community. From basic steps to advanced techniques, the learning resources are comprehensive.

Suitable For: Beginners to experts. Platform Availability: Windows.

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8. Photoscape

81% eScore

Photoscape isn’t just a program; it’s a playground for every visual enthusiast. With its diverse suite of tools and intuitive interface, it breaks down the barriers between imagination and realization. Whether you’re polishing a portrait, crafting a collage, or creating a meme-worthy GIF, Photoscape is your reliable digital companion.

Multi-Tool Marvel: Photoscape is more than just a photo editor. It’s a Swiss Army knife of visual tools, boasting features like a photo viewer, batch editor, screen capture tool, and even a color picker. Truly a jack of all trades!

Gif Genius: In a digital age where GIFs are the language of the Internet, Photoscape’s GIF creation tool is a godsend. Turn your sequences of images into playful animations and join the online chatter.

Split and Stitch: Whether you’re looking to slice an image into puzzle-like pieces or merge multiple shots into one panoramic view, Photoscape’s splitter and joiner functionalities have got you covered.

Vintage Vibes: With a rich array of film-inspired filters, Photoscape is a haven for lovers of retro aesthetics. Add a touch of nostalgia to your images with just a few clicks.

Raw Power: For those who like their photos unprocessed, Photoscape’s RAW converter ensures that high-quality shots aren’t lost to incompatible formats. Convert, edit, and preserve the integrity of your photography.

Print and Present: Once your images are edited to perfection, Photoscape’s print tool ensures they leap off the screen and onto paper seamlessly. Create custom layouts, photo walls, or even passport photos with ease.

Suitable For: Beginners and hobbyists. Platform Availability: Windows, macOS.

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9. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor
80% eScore

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is a testament to the idea that professional-quality tools can be both accessible and user-friendly. Stripping away the complexities but retaining the capabilities, it’s a must-have tool for photographers and designers on-the-go. A nimble navigator of the vast seas of photo editing, this tool proves that sometimes, express really is best.

Legacy & Lightness: Hailing from the storied lineage of Adobe’s Photoshop family, the Express Editor brings professional pedigree to a lightweight, browser-based platform. Power meets accessibility in a harmonious blend.

Quick Fix Finery: In the fast-paced digital age, speed is crucial. With one-touch adjustments, auto-fix tools, and intuitive sliders, your photos transition from raw shots to refined masterpieces in mere moments.

Creative Collages: Gone are the days of juggling multiple apps for editing and collage-making. With Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, you can combine photos, play with layouts, and add flair, all under one digital roof.

Signature Styles: Dive into an array of customizable looks and filters. Whether you’re chasing the mood of a vintage record cover or the clarity of modern minimalism, the Express Editor has the perfect preset for your vision.

Spotless Snapshots: Dust spots, blemishes, or unwanted tourists in your vacation shot? The healing tool works like magic, removing imperfections and ensuring your photos portray only what you want them to.

Safe in Sync: Integrated with Adobe’s cloud system, your edits, and creations are always backed up. Seamless synchronization means you can start on your phone, refine on your tablet, and showcase on your desktop.

Suitable For: Beginners and those seeking quick, quality edits. Platform Availability: Web-based.

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10. PiZap

79% eScore

PiZap is a colorful concoction of creativity and convenience. It’s not just a tool, but a playground where photos transform into memories, memes, and masterpieces. Whether you’re a budding influencer, a meme enthusiast, or simply someone looking to add a splash of creativity to their photos, PiZap offers a canvas of endless possibilities.

Social Media Maven: In an age of tweets, stories, and posts, PiZap stands out as a go-to tool for crafting social media-ready visuals. Profile pics, banners, or story highlights – it’s all just a zap away!

Sticker Splendor: Who said editing has to be all serious? Dive into PiZap’s massive sticker library, adding a splash of fun and flair to your photos. From quirky doodles to expressive emojis, there’s something for every mood.

Cut, Copy, Create: With its user-friendly cut-out tool, PiZap lets you extract elements from one image and superimpose them onto another. Unleash your inner surreal artist and craft dreamscapes or hilarious mashups.

Textual Temptations: Go beyond mere photo editing and venture into the realm of graphic design. PiZap’s text tools, complete with an array of fonts and styles, ensure your message is not just seen, but also felt.

Dazzling Designs: With customizable design templates for everything from invitations to Instagram posts, PiZap is a boon for those who want to create polished graphics without wading through complicated software.

Memes & Moments: In the era of memes, staying relevant is key. With PiZap’s meme generator, you’re always ready to jump on the latest trend, crafting share-worthy content that’s bound to go viral.

Suitable For: Social media enthusiasts and creative individuals. Platform Availability: Web-based, iOS, Android.

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11. Icecream Photo Editor

Icecream Photo Editor
79% eScore

Icecream Photo Editor isn’t just about enhancing photos; it’s about enhancing the entire experience of photo editing. A delightful blend of power and simplicity, it ensures that every snapshot, whether candid or curated, reaches its fullest potential. Perfect for those who believe that life’s sweetest moments deserve an equally sweet editing touch.

User-Friendly Fiesta: In the world of complex editing tools, Icecream Photo Editor emerges as a breath of fresh air. It’s straightforward, intuitive, and designed with real people in mind, ensuring you spend less time deciphering tools and more time crafting masterpieces.

Effortless Effects: Dive into a treasure trove of ready-to-use effects. Whether you’re aiming for the soft glow of vintage film or the stark contrast of a noir scene, a single click transforms your vision into reality.

Text & Tint: Let your photos speak—literally. With a variety of fonts and styles at your disposal, adding captions, quotes, or watermarks becomes an artistic endeavor in itself. Pair it with color-tinting tools, and every image tells a story.

Crafty Collages: Combine moments to create memories. Icecream Photo Editor’s collage feature means that the highlights of your last vacation, party, or photoshoot can all coexist in a beautifully curated space.

Precision and Panache: Fine-tune to your heart’s content. From adjusting brightness and contrast to honing in on the smallest details with a sharpness tool, you’re in the driver’s seat of your image’s destiny.

Share & Shine: Once your masterpiece is ready, sharing tools ensure it finds its audience. Whether it’s a direct upload to your social platforms or a save for later, your creations are primed for the spotlight.

Suitable For: Beginners and those in need of fast edits. Platform Availability: Windows.

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12. Darktable

78% eScore

Darktable stands as a beacon for those who believe in the sanctity of photography. Striking a balance between advanced functionalities and an accessible interface, it’s the tool for those who cherish both the journey and the destination in their quest for photographic perfection. In a world teeming with fleeting filters and instant edits, Darktable reminds us of the artistry embedded in every shot.

RAW Revelry: For purists who cherish the unprocessed, Darktable is a haven. It’s a dedicated RAW editor, ensuring your images retain the depth and detail that often get lost in standard JPEGs.

Non-Destructive Delight: Edit without fear, knowing your original shot remains untouched. Every tweak, twist, and turn you make is layered on top, letting you experiment with creativity while preserving the pristine.

Workflow Wizardry: Darktable isn’t just about editing; it’s about streamlining the entire process. From importing to tagging and sorting, it’s the companion that ensures your photography journey is organized and efficient.

Modular Mastery: Dive into an array of customizable modules, tailored to every editing need. Whether it’s color correction, exposure adjustments, or intricate masking, Darktable’s tools have got you covered.

Tethered Triumph: For studio photographers, the tethering feature is a godsend. Connect your camera, shoot, and watch as images auto-import into Darktable, ready for real-time editing. A seamless blend of shooting and post-processing!

Open Source Oasis: Free in every sense, Darktable thrives on community input. With an open-source ethos, it’s continuously refined, expanded, and improved by a global community of photography enthusiasts.

Suitable For: Professional photographers and advanced users. Platform Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux.

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13. RawTherapee

77% eScore

RawTherapee is more than just a photo editor—it’s a testament to what’s possible when a community comes together with a shared passion. Fusing technical prowess with an intuitive design, it caters to both novices and seasoned professionals. For those looking to plunge into the depths of their images, to truly understand and refine every aspect, RawTherapee is a tool of unmatched caliber.

RAW Radiance: RawTherapee stands tall as one of the elite RAW processors. Dedicated to drawing out every iota of detail from RAW files, it ensures no pixel is left behind and every color sings its own tune.

Freedom Philosophy: Embodied by its open-source nature, RawTherapee encourages exploration without boundaries. Supported by a passionate community, it’s a platform where users don’t just consume but contribute and collaborate.

Algorithmic Artistry: Beneath its user-friendly surface lies a robust engine powered by advanced algorithms. These ensure noise reduction, shadow highlights, and tone mapping are executed with unparalleled precision.

Tailored Toolsets: Recognizing that every photographer is unique, RawTherapee offers an array of customizable toolsets. Create your own workflow, prioritize your tools, and make the interface truly your own.

Multithreaded Might: Time is of the essence, and RawTherapee knows it. With its multithreaded capabilities, processing becomes a breeze, ensuring you spend less time waiting and more time creating.

Cross-Platform Charm: Whether you’re a Windows wizard, a macOS maverick, or a Linux loyalist, RawTherapee has got you covered. It’s designed to feel at home on any system, ensuring a seamless editing experience.

Suitable For: Professionals and users needing detailed RAW file processing. Platform Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux.

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14. BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky Photo Editor
75% eScore

BeFunky Photo Editor feels less like software and more like a playground for the creatively curious. It’s where precision meets playfulness, where conventional edits blend with unconventional effects. In the vast landscape of photo editors, BeFunky stands out, not just for its tools, but for the sheer joy it infuses into the editing process. If you believe that editing should be as delightful as capturing the moment itself, BeFunky is your go-to muse.

Funky & Fresh: True to its name, BeFunky breathes a distinct vibrancy into photo editing. It’s not just about refining images but about adding a dash of pizzazz, making every edit feel like a fun-filled adventure.

All-in-One Arsenal: BeFunky isn’t just a photo editor. With its integrated collage maker and graphic designer, it’s a trifecta of creativity, ensuring all your visual needs are catered to under one digital roof.

Touch-Up Triumphs: Blemishes, flyaway hair, or uneven skin tones? BeFunky’s touch-up tools are your magic wand, seamlessly correcting imperfections and making sure your photos are flawless yet authentic.

Artsy Ambitions: Unleash your inner artist with BeFunky’s array of artsy effects. Transform photos into watercolor paintings, pop art, or vintage film shots. The canvas is yours, and the possibilities endless.

Template Treasures: Whether it’s social media posts, invitations, or banners, BeFunky’s plethora of customizable templates ensures you always have a head-start in crafting striking visuals.

User-Centric Universe: BeFunky prioritizes simplicity. With its intuitive interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and helpful tutorials, even the most tech-averse individuals find their groove in no time.

Suitable For: Bloggers, social media enthusiasts, and beginners. Platform Availability: Web-based, iOS, Android.

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15. InPixio Free Photo Editor

InPixio Free Photo Editor
73% eScore

InPixio Free Photo Editor is a testament to the belief that powerful editing doesn’t need to be complex. It combines the essence of professional-grade tools with the accessibility of a beginner-friendly interface. Ideal for those who wish to dip their toes into the vast ocean of photo editing without getting overwhelmed, InPixio is the bridge between ambition and artistry. So, gear up, let your creativity run wild, and let InPixio be the wind beneath your imaginative wings.

Simplified Splendor: InPixio strips away the intimidation from photo editing. With its user-friendly interface, even those new to the world of digital enhancements can produce mesmerizing results with minimal effort.

Cut & Craft: One of InPixio’s standout features is its precision cutting tool. Seamlessly extract figures, objects, or even landscapes from your photos, allowing for creative compositions and reimagined scenes.

Filter Finesse: Dive into a palette of mood-altering filters. From the nostalgic sepia tones of yesteryears to the vibrant hues of modern pop, InPixio’s filters let you set the emotional tone of every photo.

Correction Central: Perfect your shots with InPixio’s suite of corrective tools. Be it red-eye reduction, color optimization, or sharpening, every click brings your photo closer to perfection.

Frame Fantasies: Encapsulate moments within eye-catching frames. With a diverse collection to choose from, every memory can find its own unique border, enhancing its appeal and narrative.

Share-worthy Snapshots: Once your masterpiece is polished, InPixio makes sharing a breeze. Whether it’s social media, email, or saving to your device, your art is always ready to impress and inspire.

Suitable For: Beginners and those looking for straightforward edits. Platform Availability: Windows.

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Wrapping Up the Photo Adventure!

In the grand culinary kitchen of photography, consider these photo editors as your secret seasoning – turning bland snapshots into spicy masterpieces. From the “I-can’t-believe-I-took-this” moments to the “I’m-ready-for-National-Geographic” stunners, our carefully curated list ensures you’re never more than a click away from photo nirvana.

Now, the next time your aunt sends you a questionable photo of her vacation with the cryptic “Spot the Eiffel Tower” challenge, you’ll have the tools to not only spot it but to make it shine brighter than her vacation stories. So, here’s to transforming our photo faux pas into fabulous feats, one edit at a time!

Lastly, a pro tip: If all else fails, remember – it’s not the camera’s fault or the editor’s. It’s just an ‘abstract’ piece. Wink, wink!

Did You Know?

Filters might be all the rage on social media now, but they’ve been used by photographers for over a century! They were originally physical pieces of glass or plastic that photographers placed in front of their camera lenses to achieve specific effects.

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