Top 3 • Best Free Antivirus for Apple Mac (Handpicked)

Macs don’t get viruses? That’s absolutely not TRUE! | 2024

Handpicked Software, where only the Top 3 make the Cut!

Avast Security

Avast offers real-time protection and a suite of security features in a user-friendly package, ensuring your Mac stays safe without compromising performance. Download▾

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Full Malware Protection ▸ Avast Security for Mac is famously known for full-system protection against Macs, keeping it strong from viruses, spyware, and ransomware, so your Mac will always be safe from the latest threats.

Real-Time Security ▸ With real-time scanning in place, Avast constantly monitors your Mac on any suspicious act with ready protection, prepared for possible threats that may affect system performance.

Wi-Fi Security Scan ▸ Scans your home Wi-Fi network for vulnerabilities such as weak password protection, obsolete firmware, and guides you in securing your network against intruders who might compromise your personal information.

Web Shield ▸ Avast has the Web Shield feature, which intercepts any downloaded files from dangerous websites, hence cutting out the possibility of downloading infected files or receiving a phishing attack in the long run, making your browsing safe.

Ransomware Shield ▸ Designed for specific ransomware protection, this shield blocks untrusted applications from changing, deleting, or encrypting your personal files and data.

Email Shield ▸ Avast protects incoming and outgoing emails from being affected by malware aiming to infiltrate the system through any of the links or attachments because that’s the most likely way your system will be reached by cybercriminals.

User-Friendly Interface ▸ It is indeed endowed with a user interface that is friendly and easy to follow, thereby offering users of all tech levels friendly services in the configuration or the management of their effective security settings.

Customizable Scans ▸ You can customize the different scans according to your preference, from quick scans to be used for your daily check of the system, deep analysis of your whole system, or a specific file or folder targeted scan.

Performance Optimization ▸ Apart from the security features, Avast also contains cleaning tools to help you get rid of all the clutter and unused files that have been stacking up over time, hence reducing the device’s performance and speed.

Customer Support ▸ Avast greatly supports its customers with support systems through several channels, such as FAQs, forums, email, and live chat to ensure help is available right when issues crop up.


With its focus on simplicity and effectiveness, Malwarebytes provides real-time protection and quick, thorough malware removal, ensuring your Mac’s safety with minimal fuss. Download▾

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High Speed Scans ▸ With Malwarebytes, there is absolutely no time wasted at all. It rapidly looks through your files, finding and separating threats at turbo paces. It’s practically a rapid response team that jumps to life the second they get a sniff of trouble.

Real-Time Protection ▸ The feature is in continuous watch, for threats at the very moment they crop up. This is literally like a watchful sentinel, looking out for danger all the time, so that you can have peace.

Adware and PUP Removal ▸ Malwarebytes is great at cleaning up this kind of annoying, useless junk. Ensure smoother computing by throwing it out—adware and other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that sneak into your Mac.

Simple to Use ▸ The interface is user-friendly and intuitive to the point where protecting your Mac really is as easy as flipping a light switch.

Minimal Impact on Performance ▸ Using Malwarebytes is like running a hidden guardian. It operates silently in the background and makes sure no processes with regards to security will lower your Mac’s performance.

Phishing Protection ▸ It is quietly doing your protection from phishing attempts. Acting as a digital filter, it allows into both your inbox and web-browsing environment only things that are safe.

Ransomware Blocking ▸ Imagine a very strong castle around your data. That’s what Malwarebytes does for ransomware protection. Each file is blocked in every ransomware attack.

Latest Updates: Your security stays current with Malwarebytes. Automatic updating ensures that you are constantly protected from new threats and your defenses never go dull.

Scan Scheduling ▸ Customizable scan schedules for your security to fit into your life. It’s like setting a security patrol to work around your routine, ensuring checks are done at the most convenient times.

Committed Team ▸ Even with the most intuitive software, questions can still come up. Malwarebytes is there for you with a team that is committed to support the exact moment you find the need.

Multi-Device Protection ▸ Malwarebytes doesn’t only do your Mac; with multi-device protection, it almost is like a security team covers every single one of your digital devices rather than one.

Avira Free Security

Avira enhances your Mac’s security with a comprehensive set of tools, including a VPN and optimization features, wrapped in an intuitive interface. Download▾

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Real-Time Protection ▸ Avira ensures real-time protection of your Mac against malware, including viruses, Trojans, worms, and spyware, through scanning and detection/blocking of any threat.

Phishing Protection ▸ This antivirus comes with state-of-the-art security that warns a user from fake websites, hence safeguarding an individual from phishing and other fraudulent websites that might want personal details.

System Scanner ▸ Avira provides a complete system scanning option through which you can do a deep and detailed search for any threats hidden within the whole of the system.

Simple User Interface ▸ Avira has a simple, clear, easy-to-use, and intuitive user interface that will guide you smoothly through settings and options, making sure you feel like a pro in protecting your system.

Performance Optimization Tools ▸ Other than security, Avira offers a pack of tools that help in increasing the performance of your Mac. Some of its added functionality includes searching for and destroying outdated files, cleaning up disk space, and making the system run faster.

Network Protection ▸ Checks out your local network for any potential security problems, and tells you how to raise security to a higher level for your WiFi network from vulnerability and block unauthorized access.

Safe Browsing ▸ Avira works hand in hand with your web browsers, warning and blocking access to infected or phished websites, trackers, and intrusive ads that can tamper with your online privacy.

Adware and PUPs Detection ▸ Avira has an excellent ability to detect and remove adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that will assure you of keeping your Mac free from such software that would otherwise compromise the performance of your system or its cleanliness.

Quarantine Management ▸ The system automatically moves suspicious files to the quarantine. View or decide which items you would like to delete or restore them to provide a security blanket from false positives.

Automatic Updates ▸ Avira automatically updates its virus definition databases and application modules to protect the system from emerging threats.

Light on System Resources ▸ Avira is built lightweight and assures that its protection is strong without fundamentally compromising your performance or the speed of the Mac computer.

Did You Know? The first known Mac malware emerged back in 1982, and it was called ‘Elk Cloner.’ Protecting Macs has been a priority for decades!

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