10 Best Free Horoscope Apps For Accurate Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Predictions 2023

What have the stars got for you today?
  1. Our ancients believed that we could chart the celestial bodies’ position in the sky to foretell our fortunes, romantic prospects, career trajectories, and more.
  2. No wonder the concepts of astrology and horoscope have been around for centuries, and lots of people enjoy them even today.
  3. If you were looking for the best daily horoscope apps, we have got you covered.

10 Best Free Horoscope Apps For Android And iPhone

How We Tested? We evaluated all the top free daily horoscope apps for both Android and iOS for its accuracy, features, and usability on our test device. After a thorough testing process, we came up with the best free horoscope apps for you to download.

1. Co-Star Personalized Astrology

Co-Star Personalized Astrology App

Co-Star is the first ever AI-powered astrology app on the Internet. It boasts 21st-century astrology with personalized horoscopes just for you.

  • Uses authentic NASA data to trace the alignment of the universe to the exact minute you were born.
  • Then, an AI creates accurate horoscopes that are personalized to a degree unattainable elsewhere.
  • You can keep track of your friends, see what’s up with them astrologically if they’re having a bad day, and also see whether you’re fated to fall in love.
  • Its minimalistic design makes checking your horoscope an aesthetically pleasing experience.
  • You even get a personality analysis customized to your entire astrological chart.
  • The app isn’t exactly known for sugar-coating things and is very blunt in its use of words.
  • Co-Star provides new insights as the planets move in real-time. It helps you keep track of Moon phases and upcoming Mercury retrograde phases.
  • It can be overwhelming for beginners, as it’s far more detailed than a basic daily horoscope.
  • Daily reminders seem a little overwrought.
Android iOS

2. The DailyHoroscope

Daily Horoscope Free

The DailyHoroscope does precisely what its name implies, but that’s not all! This app is one of the most downloaded horoscope apps in the world today.

  • Receive daily accurate predictions about your zodiac sign. Also, get weekly, monthly, and yearly forecasts.
  • It includes zodiac characteristics for each sign and also zodiac sign compatibility.
  • It provides a yearly Chinese horoscope as per the Chinese calendar. If you believe in a Druid horoscope, then that’s available as well.
  • You can check horoscopes in the past up to about a week and get optional push notifications to ensure you’ll never miss a daily reading.
  • Adjust colors, font size, and more in the app’s settings, which has plenty of options to choose from.
  • You can save your horoscope on the phone or share it with friends on social media.
  • Advertisements can sometimes be annoying.
Android iOS

3. AstroMatrix Horoscopes

AstroMatrix Horoscopes

It is definitely one of the best free horoscope apps for your Android and iOS devices that offers many astrological reports and charts.

  • The app provides you a daily horoscope that is based not only on your birthday but also on your birth time and birth location.
  • It has weekly and monthly horoscopes with good accuracy as well.
  • It gives a comprehensive report of your birth chart with detailed information on each of your planetary positions and their positive and negative effects.
  • Synastry Reports can be used to discover challenges in your love life. You can find out if you and your partner meant for each other.
  • The app offers a 3-Card Tarot Readings where you can ask specific questions or get readings on current astrological events.
  • Interestingly, you can find your past life information using the Draconic Soul Report.
  • AstroMatrix comes with your complete astrological calendar retrograde dates for every planet, including Mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune & Pluto.
  • Felt the user interface could be simple and more professional looking. It contains disrupting ads.
Android iOS

4. TimePassages

TimePassages Astrology

If you want more depth and detailed astrological information, then TimePassages is for you. It is a full-featured astrology app geared towards people who take astrology more seriously.

  • Get insightful daily horoscopes that are tailored to your specific birth details.
  • It provides the most accurate astrology reading possible using the current day’s transits in real-time.
  • Instantly access your birth chart, transits, and progressions. Discover the meanings behind your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign.
  • You can check the Mercury retrograde periods and upcoming moon phases on the app’s home screen itself, so they’ll never take you by surprise.
  • The clean and intuitive interface makes navigation pretty straightforward.
  • TimePassages features an in-depth glossary of zodiac signs, planetary bodies, moon phases, and other astrological terms.
  • All-things-considered, this is one of the best free horoscope apps that you can get for your Android or Apple device.
Android iOS

5. Daily Horoscope & Astrology by Yodha

Daily Horoscope & Astrology by Yodha

This app has phenomenal ratings on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It has the distinction of being the only app on this list that has no ads and is yet absolutely free.

  • Expect some promising and accurate horoscopes rendered by 200+ Vedic experts every morning.
  • The daily horoscopes are the product of the synergy between the ancient Vedic astrology wisdom and modern astrological knowledge.
  • The user interface is simple to use and gets the job done.
  • People using this app seem to take horoscopes like a daily dose of inspiration for their love life, personal growth, relationships, education, career, and fortune.
  • The app comes with straightforward controls and configurable push notifications.
  • The developer offering this app has two other astrology focused apps with a bunch of extra features, more in-depth horoscopes, and an astrology service that costs money.
  • Overall, it’s just a bare essentials free horoscope app. More features can be added.
Android iOS

6. Daily Horoscope AstrologyZone by Susan Miller

Daily Horoscope AstrologyZone by Susan Miller

Susan Miller is an accredited astrologer known for her beautifully written, easy-to-understand, and practical predictions. She is the force behind AstrologyZone.

  • The daily horoscopes from AstrologyZone are usually pretty accurate and are generally uplifting.
  • In the free version, you get the shorter daily horoscopes. The paid users receive more detailed daily readings.
  • At any given time, you can access yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s horoscopes.
  • The app also offers Miller’s exhaustive monthly horoscopes for free.
  • It provides a list of important astrological dates and a library of Miller’s essays explaining the nuances of planetary movement.
  • Well, millions of users across the globe trust AstrologyZone for their daily dose of astrology.
  • The monthly horoscope is usually late to arrive.
Android iOS

7. Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot

Astrolis Horoscopes And Tarot

Astrolis offers a wide selection of horoscopes covering everything from love and romance to career and money issues. You can plan for the full year with their annual look-ahead horoscope.

  • The app uses the position of the planets to provide you powerful daily horoscope.
  • A simple star-system gives daily ratings for money, energy, love, and mood for the day.
  • Each week you will get a variety of weekly horoscopes. Plus, you will have your monthly and annual horoscope to view an overall picture of what awaits you further down the road.
  • If you are grappled by a particular question in life, then use the tarot card feature for a better understanding and the probable right solution.
  • For romantic hearts, the daily forecast will reveal the zodiac sign that will be your love match for the day. You can also check the compatibility ratings for any two signs.
  • Also, you have the option to share your horoscope on Facebook/Twitter or send it to someone privately by email.
Android iOS

8. Sanctuary Astrology

Sanctuary Astrology

Sanctuary is a slick, refreshing experience with a recognizably human touch guiding you through the cosmos.

  • Get free daily horoscopes that are written by astrologers who have been interpreting the stars for years.
  • Sanctuary provides an interactive birth chart with detailed information on your astrological placements and planetary profile.
  • You will receive a power emoji daily based on your sign. This virtual lucky charm will help you cross many everyday hurdles.
  • A well written free monthly horoscopes are available for all the zodiac signs. You can expect plenty of GIFs, emojis, and jokes all along using this free astrology app.
  • It offers lessons on the basics of every zodiac sign so that you can broaden your understanding of astrology on the whole.
  • Further, you can opt-in to get a daily dose of astrology in pop culture, history, and more.
  • Sanctuary is mainly focused on providing on-demand astrologers to answer your personal queries, which is again a paid service. Some important features are behind a paywall.
Android iOS

9. AstroSage Kundli : Astrology

AstroSage Kundli : Astrology

If you’re looking for something a little different from a western horoscope, that’s where AstroSage Kundli comes in. This app is based on Vedic or Indian astrology that refers to a zodiac system documented in the sacred ancient Vedic scriptures.

  • It comes with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes.
  • It gives you the birth chart or Kundli based on Vedic astrology.
  • You can check compatibility between two people for love and marriage via horoscope matching or Kundli matching.
  • The app provides a host of Vedic astrology features that are entirely free to use.
  • It allows downloading birth charts and matchmaking PDFs with ease.
  • Includes video tutorials teaching the basics of Vedic or Indian astrology for anyone interested in learning it.
  • The app feels a little laggy at times.
Android iOS

10. Sun Signs: Horoscopes

Sun Signs Free Horoscope

Sun Signs is a fine horoscope app from the trusted Horoscope.com website. It offers many features for you to gain valuable insight and wisdom from the stars.

  • Sun Signs gives you precise daily predictions on love, career, money, health, and more.
  • It offers weekly and monthly horoscopes for all sun signs.
  • This free horoscope & astrology app provides insight and advice in the form of the tarot. Feel free to use it when necessary.
  • Check for love compatibility with your partner. Choose both of your zodiac signs and see if your relationship is destined to blossom or headed down a bumpy road.
  • Curiously, the app includes free astrology games for you to play and enjoy.
  • Furthermore, you can find links to premium psychic readings on Horoscope.com within the app.
  • Most of the prime features are available only in the paid version.
Android iOS

Worth Mentioning

ADNFX Horoscopes – ADNFX has developed individual apps for each zodiac sign instead of a single app. These free horoscope apps are very popular among Android users and are accurate. Worth a try!

Time Nomad – A beautifully designed advanced astrology app that gives you the real-time data of your sign’s planetary movements. It offers really in-depth and interesting views on your birth chart. The app is quite renowned and considered one of the top free astrology apps for iOS devices.

The Pattern – It’s the most accurate and in-depth personality app, helping you to better understand yourself and others, enabling connections to be made on a much deeper level. Explore your unique compatibility with friends and romantic interests.

It Doesn’t Matter!

It doesn’t matter if astrology is real; all that matters is if it’s useful. Agree?

I personally feel that zodiac signs have a lot of answers to some of our biggest questions in life.

Do try one of the free daily horoscope apps listed in this article, and let us know what you feel about it?

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